Inspired By In January

Inspired By:

I watched this Netflix Documentary once alone, and now I’m watching it a second time with G, and I’m getting even more out of it the second time because I’m taking notes and trying to use his tools in my own life. For someone who has never been to therapy, this makes me think it is a very good thing. Jonah Hill interviews his therapist, Phil Stutz, and it is positively gripping. 5 Stars.


Emily in Paris is light and ridiculous and a little treat. Ginny and Georgia is deep and real. I watch one episode per week. Emily on Wednesday nights and G&G on Thursdays. I am getting impatient for Succession to start its Season 4, and I’ve almost given up on Ted Lasso ever coming back. I am also anxious for The Morning Show.


Afterlives was the Yoga Lounge Book Group Pick for January. It wasn’t nearly as good as Paradise, which we read in 2021.

The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin is one of those books I highlighted extensively and will go back and revisit. I read it on my Kindle but got the dead tree version too, and I was happy I did because it is so beautiful. No dust jacket. (Love that.)

Oh, and one thing I JUST discovered ( my reading group might laugh at me for this) is that my Kindle highlights turn up in Goodreads. What??? And I can even annotate them in Goodreads. This is a game-changer for me on so many levels. I may never read a dead tree book again. If you don’t know how to find your Kindle highlights on Goodreads, here are the directions: Home–> Books–> Your Reading Activity–> Kindle Notes and highlights.

And there it is. Any book you’ve ever read and highlighted on your Kindle is right there. Now to figure out if there is a way to print those notes.

Listening To:

My word for the year is MUSCLE. I have committed to strength training this year, so when this Huberman Lab podcast with Andy Galpin dropped, I was anxious to listen. The trouble with Huberman is that his podcasts are LONG and DENSE, so I am slowly making my way through this one, waiting for those nuggets I know are in there to pop out amid all the stuff I don’t understand.

Eating and Drinking:

I’m trying a new nootropic: Magic Mind, A matcha-based energy shot infused with nootropics and adaptogens designed to crush procrastination, brain fog & fatigue.

The jury is still out. Its effects are really subtle. I have tried other nootropics in the past, namely Alpha Brain and Qualia, which gave me noticeable boosts, but their effects faded over time. I am only 2 weeks into Magic Mind, so stay tuned.

Soups have featured big lately because it’s January. My go-to is “My Forever Chicken & Rice Soup” from the I Dream of Dinner Cookbook by Ali Slagle. It’s so easy and so delicious.

I am also staying away from alcohol for the most part. I’ve been drinking non-alcoholic wine instead, which is unspeakably terrible. But I’m sleeping better and feel better overall. Still, it sucks. Here is the Huberman Podcast that has changed my (and many other people’s) mind about alcohol.

Grateful For:

On these short, dark, cold days I am grateful for coffee.

And, whenever it happens, sun.

2 thoughts on “Inspired By In January

  1. You are ridiculously adorable and always full of so much inspiration! I always need an excuse to see you! Lol. Its been too long! I am taking a sound healing class this week online with a teacher my girlfriend highly recommended and I’m so excited. I have two beautiful sets of crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls (I brought home from Nepal). We should play bowls sometimes and catch up! I think you would go crazy for them too! Lots lots of love! Thanks for sharing your inspiration! xx



  2. YES!! We need to connect! I miss you so much! After your class this week you will know all the bowl sounds and we will set a date on the calendar and I will come and we will play and talk and it will be glorious. Also: I need a salt cave and a sauna and a massage and a facial and all the things. You will be seeing me. Count on it! Love to you and all the heart emojis!


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