Nobody Cares When You Leave Facebook

I hate when bloggers start their posts by saying, “It’s been a long time since I’ve written here…”

I think to myself: You know what? Nobody missed you. 

I didn’t miss you, and probably the people who read you regularly or subscribe to your feed didn’t miss you either. 

We have our own lives. We really don’t care if you’ve been blogging or not. Only you care about that. That’s your game. 

We only care if you’re talking about something we may be interested in. So stop with the “I haven’t been here for a while” stuff. 

It’s the same when people make a big deal about taking social media breaks. 

Whenever someone makes a big door-slamming exit from Facebook by announcing, “You know, I’m kinda done with this shit,” I always think to myself, “Then just go.”

The sad truth is that nobody will miss you, whether you flame out or ghost out.

They won’t even notice you’re gone.

And this should be that Aha moment when you realize that FB is truly worthless.

Or good for a very limited range of things like finding lost pets or posting pictures so aunt Ruth in Texas can see your kid’s 4th birthday party.

Fine. Wonderful.

But nobody is going to miss that picture of your lunch or that butterfly on your marigold, and certainly not that rant about whatever bug is up your butt today.

My lunch at N&D the other day.

Really. Nobody gives a shit. They really don’t. 

So if you’re done with FB, just leave. Go.

And good for you if you do. Now you have more time to cultivate real relationships. 

In-person ones. 

A good example of real relationships

But if you want to put up family photos to keep in touch with distant friends and relatives, fine, just do it.  

Just don’t get sucked into the sewer of FB by using it to proclaim your political views, do social commentary, or air grievances.

It’s embarrassing. 

It just rouses the rabble or foments discontent and irritation with those who don’t share your point of view.

And even if people do share your point of view, who cares?

Do you really need a pat on the back that much?

If you do, well, that’s all the more pathetic.

 Everyone knows that FB is a massive waste of time, and while it may be fun to see poorly composed and out-of-focus pictures of people you know and love, if you don’t already know about these events because you weren’t a part of them, you need to work on fixing that first, it seems to me.

Poorly composed picture of people I love

I do love it when Facebook helps people find their lost dogs, though. That’s a good service. But any other use of it is a waste of time.

If she went missing, I would totally put this picture on FB

I’m on there regularly promoting my yoga classes. And I only do it because most people who come to my classes are on there and will see these ads. 

Shameless self-promotion

Maybe. If the algorithm cooperates.

If they don’t see these reminders that there is an awesome Power Yoga class this Monday, they might wonder if I’m closed.

But is that true? 

Maybe. But maybe not.

Do people think: “Oh right, yoga tonight. I almost forgot,” when they see my ad? 

I don’t know.

I don’t know how to figure out how to reach people more effectively and efficiently, so I pathetically resort to FB and Instagram. 

But I don’t like it.

Why can’t I just be done with it?

2 thoughts on “Nobody Cares When You Leave Facebook

  1. I love you!!! (On and off FB.) DELIGHTED that you included that photo from our splendid 4-some time together. I’m just going to repeat it: I love you!!!


    Liked by 1 person

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