The Top 10 Reasons I Am Grateful It Is Still Winter in March

The robins are back. The redwing blackbirds returned today. But there is still snow on the ground, and I am still wearing my down coat, and down gloves, and a wool hat.  The temps are not going above 40 degrees for the foreseeable future. The lake is still frozen.

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is complaining and calling it the “unendurable winter.” Since we don’t live in Florida, we are allowed to say “climate change” and a lot of people are saying it.

So I decided to try to come up with 10 Reasons to be happy that it still winter. I enlisted G in this game, and here is our list.

1. We are saving a lot of money on sunscreen.

2. We can stay in the hot tub all night and not get “too hot.”

3. We have no guilt in indulging in Netflix marathons of “House of Cards.”

4. There is no hurry to go into storage and drag out the capris and the t-shirts and put away the sweaters.

5. Neither of us have finished our winter books, so we can sit by the fire and read without the pressure of feeling we should be doing something outside.

6. We both hate taking the cover off the AC unit and there is no reason to do that.

7.  Shoveling is great functional exercise.

8. Everyone knows you burn more calories shivering than sweating.

9. There are no mosquitos or  bugs.

10. We don’t have to worry yet about exposing our less-than-ready swim suit bodies.

What else can you think of?

Add in the comments. I’d love to hear!

Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

I woke up this morning and looked at my calendar on my phone and there was nothing there. No commitments, no place I had to be, or go. Same thing tomorrow. 2 days in a row of blessed nothing.

So I stayed in my pajamas. I ate cinnamon toast, 2 cups of Ethiopean Yurgacheffe, a soft boiled egg.

I picked up Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking which I was about three quarters through and sat and finished it. And wept. Then I watched her TED talk, and signed up for all her social media and cried again watching the video of her song “The Bed.”

Crying in the morning is exhausting. It definitely sets the tone for the day.

I washed my face, brushed my teeth, got dressed.

I dinked around online a little. G went out for the afternoon so I was home alone.

I made chicken noodle soup from a rotisserie chicken we had eaten the legs and wings from last week while it was hot.

I chopped carrots and celery and onion and sauteed and stirred and thought about vulnerability and how much I am armored and if I would ever be able to be vulnerable, and what that would look like. My mind was a blank. As blank as the snow outside the kitchen window. As blank as this page.

I decalcified the humidifier. I walked Boomer.

I wondered if I am grateful enough. I decided, no.

I downloaded an app called Gratitude 365 onto my phone where I am more likely to keep a gratitude journal than on paper.

I need to build some serious gratitude muscle.

The soup made the house smell amazing. G came home. We slurped our soup and caught each other up on our day.

And here I sit, in my cozy lair, wearing a shawl that one of my students knitted for me, feeling hugged. Feeling grateful.

A New Category: Gratitude (#1)

This one’s going to be a little “gratitude” post because I just got home from my Beginner Yoga Class {2 of 8} and they rock!  Seriously.  I love this group. They are really into it and I can tell.  I just put them through a challenging standing sequence and they hung in there with devotion that was inspiring.

And when I got home, the dish fairy had done the dishes and there was a glass of Parker Station Pinot Noir (new to me, and about a “3” on a 1-5 scale) ready on the counter.  The blurb on the bottle said, “The best Pinot you can afford to drink daily.”  But it is the Pinot I WANT to drink daily?  (meh)

And then it was Linda Food day.  So a delicious vegetarian meal was all set for me to just heat up and enjoy.  “Linda Food” is Spring Garden Foods, a subscription weekly take out that Linda Murray cooks up in her kitchen from the freshest, yummiest ingredients, most of which come from her own organic garden.

Here’s what I got tonight: Creamy herbed potato soup, Waldorf salad and a Vegetable-feta cheese strudel (crispy layers of filo dough with seasonal vegetables and chesses flavored with dill and parsley.

Lots of gratitude for all the people in my life who nourish me in so many ways: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Sorry if this sounds cheesey, but I am part of the “Cheese Sisters.”  (I am the one they call “Sharp Cheddar.”)