The First Post of the New Year

It’s been a slow day. Kind of introspective. Spent a lot of time going back through archives just to see what I was resolving to do this time last year.

This is the day of resolutions and I like resolutions, but I always wind up not doing them. I don’t feel bad about that mostly, because I end up doing other wonderful things instead.

Who can know in January, how things will be in June? So I am getting more relaxed about resolutions and goals, thanks in large part to reading Zen Habits and really resonating with Leo.

But to briefly recap: The two things I am happiest about this year are my ongoing and unbroken streaks: 400 days without a miss in 750 words, and nearing 100 consecutive days of personal yoga practice, not teaching yoga.

I just got back from a 5 Day training at Kripalu with Yoganand, and the training and the timing could not have been more perfect. I left the day after Christmas and returned the day before New Year’s Eve.

I now feel de-toxed from all the butter cookies and other holiday indulgences, and am happily back to my usual diet of kale, brown rice and lemon water.

I have decided not to make resolutions this year, but instead, try to envision the psycho-spiritual place I would like to be in next year and figure out the steps and behaviors it would take for me to get there.

Here’s what I have come up with thusfar:

  • I want to continue to deepen my yoga practice and add a consistent meditation practice to it.
  • I want to continue with 750 words and also with the writing in my Scrivener Project
  • I want to read at least 12 books and write about them here.
  • I want to finally learn my camera and take more, and hopefully better, pictures.
  • I want to gradually change the focus of this blog so that it reflects more accurately, and vividly, my real life. In line with this, I also want to post more regularly, but keep the posts to 200 words or less, (but include more pictures, and maybe even video.)

That seems like plenty, given the hours in the day.

Care to share what you have up your sleeve for this year?

Feliz Ano Nuevo!


And much gratitude to my commenting readers for talking me down from the ledge, where I teetered precipitously for a few days on the verge of jumping to my death into the 365 Day WordPress Blog Challenge.


Now that I am back inside, sitting on my bed, dizzy, nauseous but alive, and (hopefully) back to my senses, I feel renewed and reset and now can contentedly blog when I feel moved to, and on the days when my Inspiration Meter is trending toward “EMPTY,” spend my time re-fueling rather than coasting on fumes.

So, deep bows to you all.  Gracias.

So…… Short synopsis of the Holiday seems in order.  Here goes: Cookies, fudge, stuffed shells, pasta, Grand Marnier, wine, beer, champagne with hibiscus flowers. Repeat this list 6 times, fast.

Also: house guests, yoga, yoga nidra, 750 words, and books. And when house guests left, Pajamas played a starring role. There were also multiple “Mandatory No Underwear Days” and “When WAS the last Time I Showered??” days. And did I mention books were involved?  That famous and ubiquitous and teetering stack on my bedtable? Gone….poof!

Well, not gone exactly. Shall we say, transformed? Yes.  From inert objects with the potential for wisdom and joy, into embodied wisdom and joy (that’d be me.)  My “Stim Meter” reading is now decidedly FULL.  I topped off my tank, actually.  (I know you’re not supposed to do that, but I dig the smell of those wisdom fumes when I drive away from the tank.)

Now onto ¡Presents!

Lots of ¡Presents!  Every Xmas we try to abide by the following formula:

1. Something you want.

2. Something you need.

3. A book.

4. A surprise.

That’s it.

(I stole this piece of genius from Ellen Blais.)

What these rules do is set parameters, or guidelines, or as I like to think of them, “velvet ropes” that (hopefully) keep out the “impulse buying” riff-raff.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but most of the time, it does.

Something I (we) wanted, and actually bought ourselves: Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America).  Love it!  All the leftovers in my fridge are now labeled in Spanish and I don’t even have to pop the lid to know what’s inside. “Arroz: 1/2/11”  And I now practice rolling my rrrrr’s during dog walks with my “perro loco.” A Costa Rica vacation beckons.

2. Something I need: Great coffee from My Starbucks Angel in Oregon. (i.e. Emily.)  I know for some people great coffee is not a NEED, but more of a WANT, but for me, it’s a definite need.  The best part of waking up is definitely not Folgers in my cup. *spit, gag.* Need Great Coffee!  Need: Fulfilled!  In spades!  Some seriously exotic beans are being ground in this house.  Espresso machine working overtime.  whoah.

3. A Book.  This is where the velvet ropes were breached a bit, and this year the *gasp* award went to the over-sized print book of Barnett Newman’s paintings from Ira.  Beautiful!  Delicious! Inspiring! Also, my friend Rick Dale self-published his poems and sent me a copy.  Mucho cool!

4. A surprise. The Purple (Animal) Dyson Vacuum.  I know a cleaning utensil brings with it a mandatory Life Sentence in the Doghouse, but holy man, you know how much I needed this???  You ever visit and sit on my couch and then have to use the sticky roller on your way out? Then you know. And secondarily, do you how much these puppies COST???  I considered buying one a few months ago, but got “sticker shock” and decided to soldier on with “The Boss.”

Xmas was dissembled the day before New Year’s Eve, and then the PERIOD OF REFLECTION AND ANGST began as I reviewed my resolutions from last year and pondered 2011.

That is the subject of the next post, though.

Buenos dias! Ciao!**

** My friend Louise, who has traveled extensively in Latin America tells me that NOBODY says “Adios” in Latin America.  They say, “Ciao!”**

Trying to Decide…

I just got an email from the poobahs at WordPress.  They are challenging bloggers who use this platform to commit to blogging every day in 2011.

I am sorely tempted…

Confession: I get totally STOKED around New Years.  I am a hopeless resolution maker.  I love to make resolutions and then buy tracking equipment: calendars, software, stickers, etc. to keep myself accountable.

When this email came, I was SO ready to jump all over this.  After all, tomorrow I will complete the December challenge at 750 words and earn my Albatross badge.  (!!!) Last year I did Holosync for 436 days without a break.

I am a complete streaker, love stacking up the days.  But EVERY DAY here???   What it will mean is some decent posts, but a lot of just showing up for the sake of showing up.  It might mean just a picture some days. It might mean a paragraph.  It might mean less than stellar content.

What do you think?

Since you check here in and read this blog, should I just continue here as I have been doing, being fairly consistent, albeit with longer breaks here and there?  Or do you think I should take the bait and try for 365 days of posts, regardless of content?

I’d really appreciate your input.