Trying to Decide…

I just got an email from the poobahs at WordPress.  They are challenging bloggers who use this platform to commit to blogging every day in 2011.

I am sorely tempted…

Confession: I get totally STOKED around New Years.  I am a hopeless resolution maker.  I love to make resolutions and then buy tracking equipment: calendars, software, stickers, etc. to keep myself accountable.

When this email came, I was SO ready to jump all over this.  After all, tomorrow I will complete the December challenge at 750 words and earn my Albatross badge.  (!!!) Last year I did Holosync for 436 days without a break.

I am a complete streaker, love stacking up the days.  But EVERY DAY here???   What it will mean is some decent posts, but a lot of just showing up for the sake of showing up.  It might mean just a picture some days. It might mean a paragraph.  It might mean less than stellar content.

What do you think?

Since you check here in and read this blog, should I just continue here as I have been doing, being fairly consistent, albeit with longer breaks here and there?  Or do you think I should take the bait and try for 365 days of posts, regardless of content?

I’d really appreciate your input.


10 thoughts on “Trying to Decide…

  1. i just started 750 words yesterday and love it. its a great platform. thank you for introducing it. as for the daily blogging. no. i think you should stick to when the moment hits especially if you are blogging elsewhere. perhaps, a more significant goal if you want to be publicly accountable would be to do atleast 1 tweet a day; which is microblogging. i used to want to blog everyday, but found that it was more of a way to share my life than it was a desire to be considered a professional blogger. so it also depends on how you see blogging playing into your values for next year. happy new year, kath! its been great reading about your adventures!


    1. Hey Mo,
      It’s such a relief to hear you say that. I think you are absolutely right about writing when it hits. I like the Tweeting once a day idea a lot. I started strong on Twitter but now I’m more of a voyeur. Great idea. So glad you like 750 words! I got my Albatross badge today! Why that makes me so happy is a mystery, but it does! Happy New Year!


  2. Hey Kath!

    I still read your blog consistently through Google Reader. Although I’d love to read posts from you every day, I know it can be challenging, especially if you’re pressed for material. Maybe you can aim for 4-5 days of written posts, and then post a photo of the day on the remaining days? Even a small caption with the photo will be somewhat of a creative endeavor.

    Also, if you haven’t done so already, I really encourage you to start thinking about writing a book based on your “off the mat” observations about yoga. Those posts, where you compare yoga practice to real life, are phenomenal and are totally book-worthy. I would totally buy Inspiration Location: The Book. Go for it!


    1. God, I love you. And your lobster fetish, and your crazy Disney obsession and I am positively hating all your injuries. (Needless to say, I still follow you on LJ, too!) Thanks for the encouraging words about the yoga/life stuff. We really need to meet someday and drink Starbucks lattes and talk yoga! Happy New Year, Jen!


  3. I have to admit that I’m always a little disappointed when I come here and don’t find a new post to read. But committing to post every day is big, though it seems it would be more doable if a photo would suffice on days when you’re not inspired with words. So selfishly, I’ll vote yea!

    Happy New Year, Kath! YOU are an inspiration!


    1. Too bad no more trips to Manhole! It would be so much fun to hang with you! Thanks for your encouraging words. Keep making your pots, and living your art! I love your blog, too. More in the new year?? Yah??


  4. I think you should do what you want to do and be easy on yourself. Life is too short. Personally, I get excited when you’ve posted something because you must have something that you really Want to say. If you’re posting just to post, I think it’ll lose it’s magic. It would be almost like having Christmas every day. Love ya Kath!


    1. Hey Joey!
      Happy New Year! Thank you for your encouragement and your kind and sweet words. I am taking your advice and only posting when I have something to say (whew! what a relief!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope to practice with you in the new year!


  5. Happy New Year. May 2011 bring you peace and joy and love in all that you do. Will look forward to whatever you post, whenever you post. Be well and safe in the world! Just a quick question … do you still use/love your Kindle?


  6. Don’t do it! I think you should only write when you feel inspired to do so. Write with intention and write with passion and write with meaning. Otherwise you’ll look back on a year full of fluff for the sake of something new and wonder what you were thinking 🙂


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