Failure, the lifestyle

So one of the things I hate most is…failing.  (I know.  I know. I am totally unique in this.)

Check that.

I don’t so much mind the actual failing, what I hate (and fear) is the prospect of failing.  The movie in my mind of how failing is going to play out in all it’s Academy Award Best Picture drama is terrifying. And I’m sure this mind movie is the root cause of my procrastination problem.  Because, as we all know, if you don’t actually DO anything, you can’t possibly fail, right?  Bingo. Problem solved.

But if you don’t DO anything, you’ll never achieve anything either.

Bingo.  Problem back.

This War of Art book that I am now so endlessly obsessed with that I keep re-reading sections of it all day long, says that I need to get into the habit of failing, and when failure happens, just go back to work.  And when I succeed?  Just go back to work.

I’ve been girding my loins for this new failure lifestyle that I am now going to embark upon.  I just got home from yoga class and checked Facebook and Mozart posted this video tonight.

It’s perfect, so I’m stealing it and posting it here.  (Thanks, Mozart.)

One thought on “Failure, the lifestyle

  1. Good Steal! I’m a firm believer in reposting great links… shoot! If we just sat there and just “looked” at interesting, progressive, inspiring stuff on the internet how greedy would that be?
    Internet doesn’t work, especially for social progress if we don’t become active webtivists, right?
    anyways.. great blog. failure is truly a lifestyle!


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