Invocation to the Muse

Steven Pressfield (War of Art) says he begins each writing session with an Invocation to the Muse.  His invocation was suggested to him by a friend. It’s from Homer’s Odyssey.

I would have loved to have stolen it, but it struck me as a little arcane.  He finds meaning in it though, and that’s all that matters.

It got me thinking about writing my own “Invocation to the Muse” and so the other day I rapped out a sort of rough draft.  It will most likely be tweaked as my needs change, but here it is:

O give me this day*

Enough sleep the night before

A strong caffeinated drink by my elbow

A fast pen and

Clean eyeglasses.

And give me, just this day, enough stamina to get the job done.

And let me always remember that it is not “I” who is running the show, driving the bus, but that it is my True Self, my Internal Wisdom Guide who must be given the pen and allowed to write.

Let me always remember that I am just a conduit, a channel through which my Inner Wisdom speaks.

“I” will always claim to be too tired or too busy or have nothing to say.

“I” will always resist these pages.

Bur this is my daily battle, my daily war.  And I am a warrior and each day that I sit here and push the pen, I am victorious.

* How come all prayers and invocations start with “O”?  Don’t get me wrong, I dig it, but where does this trope come from? Anybody know?

One thought on “Invocation to the Muse

  1. Hmmmm. I’m reading War of Art right now and have enjoyed the first two sections but he’s losing me with the Muse bit…….


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