Sock Season

Kate Sholonski of just posted on Facebook that it was the beginning of sock season.

Sadly, I fear she’s right.  In fact I know she’s right because I had mashed potatoes for dinner tonight and I WANTED mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.

And this past week I had SOUP for lunch.  Yeah.  Soup.

And as I am writing this?  I am eating …a ginger snap.

I went to Wegman’s today and the Halloween stuff is all queued up in the seasonal aisle.  (Two words:  Candy Corn)

The food season is shifting away from food eaten with the fingers and chewed off of sticks (kabobs and toasted marshmallows) to food on spoons.

And you know what else?  Today I exchanged my madras (summer)comforter for my velvet one.

And you know what else?  Today I poured a glass of room temperature inky zinfandel for dinner instead of an ice cold Stella.

And last week I made popcorn. Popcorn.

What’s next I ask you??  Fire??  Fire??

6 thoughts on “Sock Season

  1. I put an extra quilt on the bottom of the bed last night, turned off all the fans, no AC and even closed the window. It is chilly out, that’s for sure but I think this damp cold mess will pass and the sun will come back for a bit longer! Don’t give up hope just yet!!!!


  2. Thanks for the link…..Let me know when you pull out your jammies with the feet in….or when you feel like baking pumpkin muffins or when you put yaktrax on your running shoes …..or when you decide to clean the oven cuz the house is cold……or when you____________________(fill in the blank).


  3. When camping we always have a night time fire, but the last two mornings have started with a morning fire as well. Felt great, though by noon we were kayaking peeled down to short sleeves.


  4. Kathleen,
    Mashed potatoes, Soup, Ginger Snaps, velvet comforters, now, why would you be sad?. Comfy socks…delightful. Crispy, cool days, and clear blue September skies (hopefully)…Mother Nature’s best. Enjoy.


  5. I put vegetable beef soup….yes, soup, in the crock pot this morning before I left for work! And, I have worn socks to bed for the last week, with the air conditioner still running, mind you.


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