Yeah, I’m a Fan Girl

Today I got an email from Steven Pressfield’s publicist.

Seems I’ve been foisting The War of Art on all my friends so relentlessly and with such vigor and over-the-top-ness, that news of all this foisting has finally reached Steven’s “people,” and they wrote, begging, in the name of all my friends, and all that’s decent, to please, please please, cease and desist!

I said I would, but only on one condition: that Steven answer 3 of my questions and that I be allowed to post those questions, and his answers, on my blog.  Oh yeah, and how about throwing in a few signed copies of The War of Art as give-aways to my loyal readers?

His publicist agreed!  Now I just have to think up some juicy, insightful, deep, piercing, (yet light and funny) questions for Steven (Resistance Warrior) Pressfield.

If you’ve read the book, you can help.  Is there anything you want to know, about Steve?  About resistance?  About the muse?  About turning Pro?  About failure?

If you haven’t read The War of Art, why the hell not??

(the real story tomorrow)

One thought on “Yeah, I’m a Fan Girl

  1. I’m so confused … why do they want you to cease & desist?! … The Resistance Revolution is spreading!!! … PS have you devised your juicy, insightful, deep, piercing questions yet??? If not, I will need to put my thinking cap on.


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