Water Resistant

I have made the “Drink More Water” resolution every New Year’s Eve for at least the past 20 years. No lie.

I go on week-long streaks of water-drinking, then revert back to “camel” mode where I don’t drink much of anything (except my morning coffee) for months on end.

Even though Tim wrote it explicitly on my training schedule that I was to drink LOTS OF WATER on the 2 days prior to the Half Marathon, did I?


Did I carry a heavy camelback filled with water on the trail?  Yes I did.

Did I drink that heavy camelback filled with water on the trail?  Welll..,sorta. I drank some of it.

So yesterday, and today, I am trying to replenish fluids by drinking massive amounts of water because I felt terrible yesterday and it was all because I was dehydrated.

I have to find a way to make water drinking more palatable and a permanent habit.

Suggestions?  Anybody been “water-resistant” and overcome it?

10 thoughts on “Water Resistant

  1. slices of lemons & limes work really well! (& lemons do great things for your body!) …. yummmmm! …. also, using pretty glasses whenever possible make it a “treat”!


  2. Start slowly, and let your body adjust. Highly recommend the water intake. For me plain water (no added flavors) works great. I prefer room temp. water, but some “experts” recommend cold refrigerated water. main thing is just to start drinking it. You will be glad in the long run. Good Luck, Kathleen. I like the idea of a pretty glass…. but do start slooowly. 🙂


  3. If I’m trying to get in the 8 glasses of water each day and am really pushing the water, I find it goes down more easily at room temperature. If I’m drinking water because I’m thirsty, I like it ice cold. Also, if you are buying bottled water, try a few different brands. I know most people will tell you they all taste the same, but being a total water snob, I can tell you that they do NOT taste the same. Find one that you like best and drink up!


  4. I am not one to always check the facts, but what I understand is that we retain less of the water we drink if it is cold or if it has lemon in it. So, to be efficient and get the most replenishment out of the water you ARE drinking, drink it room temperature, sans lemon.


  5. Hey Kath! Good to hear about you 😉

    I, too, have/need to drink atleast 66 oz’s of water a day. One nutricionist told me you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces per day. Sounds like a lot, but we need to keep the machines running! I go to Sheetz and find the prettiest, trendy, water bottles on the shelf. Yes, I pay the price, but I’m refilling them so it’s recycling anyway. The other little trick I do is to buy a Ginger Root and cut just a little snipit off and drop that in my bottle. Make it taste like ginger-ale! Gotta have a little spice, right?


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