Turns out I’m a streaker.  (Who knew?)

Not me, but if the shoe fits…

Who knew that “streaking” would be the key to my MASSIVE self-discipline, procrastination problems??

I’m not talking about running around naked here.  (Though my college roommate was really big into that, back in the day.)

What I AM talking about is deciding to do something, and then, after about 10 days of it, realizing, “Hey, I’ve got a “streak” going here!” and then trying to see how long I can “keep it going.”  Turns out, I don’t like to break streaks.  And this simple little game is making ENORMOUS changes in my life.

My longest streak to date is 306 days.  I have meditated for 1 hour every day, with Holosync, for 306 days in a row without a miss, as of today.  I’m closing in on a 1YEAR with that. Whoah.

This meditation streak has inspired a blogging streak, and I have now posted to this blog 5-6 days a week for the past 9 weeks.  My thinking is this: Right now, I blog.  When I reach 300 posts, only then can I call myself a “blogger.”

I also have a “baby streak” started with my paper journal: 26 days without a miss of writing.

So, here’s what a streak is for me:

  1. A streak is something I ADD to my life, not something I take out.  So, for example, I could make a streak of adding 8 glasses of water into my day, but NOT taking out sugar.  Streaks are not about penance.
  2. A streak starts after day 10.  Before day 10, it doesn’t count as a streak.  It’s just a casual trend, an accident.
  3. As soon as the streak is well underway, my life is all about keeping it going.  Whatever it takes.
  4. A streak is a habit pattern that I keep going as a serious, but fun game.

I’m a streaker.  And it’s cool.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Streaker

  1. I’m so glad you’ve coined a term for this! I am such a streaker. Streaking makes me feel productive and satisfied and in control. All things I need for my own happiness. I streak with reading the newspaper (I haven’t missed a Sunday NYTimes since 10th grade, and rarely miss a daily one- record consistent days is 204), with waking up at 6am, going to the gym three times a week, with knitting so many rows a day when I have a project…

    Streaks are especially great for me when they are things that I could easily let slide once in a while if I weren’t so into continuing my streaks. My competitive nature (with myself, anyway) coupled with residual Catholic guilt make streaks a perfect motivator.

    Good luck with your streaks- we were talking about meditation at work today, and I mentioned that you were at almost a year with Holosynch. That’s incredible!


  2. Aleta,
    I think you absolutely nailed it: “My competitive nature (with myself, anyway) coupled with residual Catholic guilt make streaks a perfect motivator.”
    NYTimes since 10th grade? whoah.
    Streakers, unite! Getting things done, one streak at a time.


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