Patanjali and Gary Vee

I’m almost finished reading Crush It, by Gary Vaynerchuk, a book about how to monetize your passion.

The big message of this book is: You’ve got to love what you do, work hard, and have patience.

There’s lots of other marketing advice too, but these are the big themes he pounds over and over, or I should say he “crushes.”

He uses the word “crush” like people use the word, “Win,” or “Nail”, or “Kill.”  As in: “I nailed that shot, OR, “My speech at the conference killed.”  Gary Vee wants us to “crush it,” in everything we attempt to do in life.

(All righty then!)

I absolutely love this guy’s exuberance.  This book is one of those fast, breathless reads, where I almost got whiplash from nodding my head in agreement so hard.  (ouch.)

Oh me and my “enthusiasms” as my mother used to call them.  “There goes Kath again, off on one of her enthusiasms.”

(Whatever, mom.)

But being the person I am, the one who is always trying to find mash-ups between yoga and life, as I was reading Crush It I was reminded of one of my favorite of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

(Patanjali, for those non-yoga people, is to Yoga, what Buddha is to Buddhism.) It’s this sutra that came to mind: (the translation is Mukunda Stiles’)


That practice

Is indeed firmly grounded

When it is pursued incessantly,

With reverence,

For a long time.

When Gary Vee said you must totally love what you do, that’s what Patanjali meant by reverence.  When Gary Vee said you have to work till your eyeballs fall out, that’s Patanjali’s “incessantly.”  And when Gary Vee said you gotta have patience, and that this “Crushing It” may take a while? This is Patanjali’s “for a long time.”

I love it when marketing guys channel Pantajali.  Don’t you?

Gary Vee and Patanjali (pronounced Pah-TAHNGE-a-lee).

So. Cool.

(Yeah, and shut up, mom.)


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