The Kindness of TSA Agents

My friend, Rick Dale’s mother died this morning.  He got the call at 4A.M. that he should come, she wasn’t doing well.  He had to get a flight from Maine to Pennsylvania.  When he got into Philly, he got the news that she had died.

Going through security he did all the shoe business, and the laptop business with the bins and all, but forgot his carry-on back at the start of the process.  The TSA agent had to go retrieve his bag and wasn’t too nice about it.

In his telling me this, his voice broke and he said, “I wasn’t going to tell the agent that I just got the call that my mother died.”

So here’s the thing: We never know when we encounter another person what they are going through, so we need to cut each other a break.  We need to practice “what if.”

What if the reason that person is being an asshole (or forgetful, or stupid) is because they’ve just lost someone they loved, or been dumped, or just had a bad diagnosis at the doctor.

Life can be hard and harsh and we need to show some kindness.  Just in case.

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