The Power of Stickers

I was once a teacher so I know the power of stickers.  Put a sticker on a kid’s paper and that’s all it takes to make that kid’s day.  Promise a sticker to a kid for good effort and that kid will work like the devil.

Go figure.

I was telling Tim the other day about my streaks and how I am motivated by streaks; by keeping something going for as long as I can: this blog 5 times a week, my hour meditation every day, my paper journal-writing every day.

I now have a workout calendar and I’ve started a new streak (though it won’t be a streak “officially” until I’m 10 days in.)  The deal is that I am going to do something worky-outy every day: hike, bike, lift, run the stairs, etc.

Today Tim and I did Yoganand’s Pranakriya Yoga Workout, which is kick-asana.  He brought me stickers to put on my calendar for everyday I work out.  Little smileys with sweatbands.

I don’t really need external motiviation to keep going, but damn, these stickers are awesome.




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