100 Recipes #5 Flat Belly Brownies (FAIL)

So, keeping with the Belly Fat theme, I made these brownies today.

They are the most god-awful tasting brownies in brownie-dom.  They’re not nearly sweet enough, and the texture is what I imagine recycled paper towels might taste like

If this is what it takes to have a flat belly, I’m depressed.

But it’s not.  I know that.

I had a great workout with Tim at a different gym today. I fell in love with this machine.  It’s made by a company called “Hoist,” so that’s what I call it: the Hoist.  I want one for my living room.  I think it would look awesome there, right next to the Rothko print.

It has a barbells on gliders, on GLIDERS!  And Tim showed me all kinds of torturous moves I can do on it.  And he took VIDEO!  You wanna see?

Sorry.  Not yet.  The video he took today is the “Before” video.  In a month, when I am looking all buffalicious, I’ll use it for dramatic contrast..

In the meantime, I want you all to rest this weekend, read a good book, and don’t bother making those brownies.

Eat Halloween candy instead.

3 thoughts on “100 Recipes #5 Flat Belly Brownies (FAIL)

  1. You never had a belly when I knew you (or even more recently, not that I got a good look, alas). But that was who knows how many years ago.

    Not to depress you but I am still at 165, fit into the tuxedo I had in college. What’s my secret? Feel hungry most of time. I like that. Was force-fed as a kid by a Jewish mother.

    Did you ever see my private note to you on Facebook?

    I am so jealous of Tim. My taking your measurements wouldn’t kill you! My hands are surprisingly steady after all the martinis I have consumed over the years.

    All my love.


  2. Soooo sorry to hear of your injury. It hurt me just to think of it. I always saw you are indestructable.

    Mend quickly.

    All my love.


    1. Thanks, Jerry. I am actually going to limp into yoga this morning and practice with my little ashtanga group, but by myself, in the back. I can’t do what they do, but I can do something. I am moving forward!


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