The Yoga of Injury

Here are the asanas I would have learned how to do (and teach) had I gone to my training this week:

Balancing Seated Angle

Balancing Stick

Bent Leg Tree

Bound Hero

Bow variations



Half Circle

Inverted Turtle


Lateral Angle


Raised on both arms posture

Reclining Stick

Rotated Jhanushirshasana

Rotated Lateral Angle

Sideways boat

Standing Angle

Standing Split

Toe Stand

Instead, I stayed home and practiced The Yoga of Injury.  I just emailed my morning Ashtanga group to tell them I would not be there until my injury healed.

Christine wrote  back saying: Ah, the  yoga of injury, the REAL yoga. How fortunate you get to have the real practice and not this easy stuff we do in the mornings.”

But to tell you the truth?  I stink at the Yoga of Injury!  I get up every morning expecting to bound out of bed and jump back into Chaturanga. I want so much to bound out of bed and jump back into Chaturanga!!!.

Instead, I get up and hobble to the bathroom.

The other day I was reading in Tony Robbins about “Tranformational Vocabulary.” He says (and I believe it) that the words we use to describe our experience SHAPE our experience.  So now I am not going to say I am injured any more.  Instead, I am reframing to “I am moving forward.”

Because it’s the truth. I am moving forward.  At a glacial pace (glacial before global warming when glaciers moved v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-.) but I am definitely moving in the right direction.

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”  –Joni Mitchell

I will never take my yoga practice for granted again.  You can (and should) remind me of this anytime I express frustration in any posture whatsoever.

I give  you permission.

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