Full of Win

I got up and went to yoga early this morning.  First time in 2 weeks.

Do you know how many postures you can do if you can’t forward bend?

Not. Too. Many.

I got all entranced with Plank.  As well as Side Plank.

Child’s pose was good, too. As was Downward-Facing Dog (with bent knees).

I threaded the needle.  I did some kapalabhati.  I did a weak Bridge. I stretched out my hamstrings a bit with a strap.  I did a 10 minute round of Nadi Shodhana.  I attempted a headstand on the wall (fail).  I sat zazen.  I attempted Janu Sirsasana.  (huge fail).

(Please bless me father for I have sinned. I coveted my neighbor’s Paschimottanasana.)

One of my gurus, Natalie Goldberg, has this saying:  “Make positive effort for the good.”

The context is that you must keep your promises to yourself.  She’s a writing guru, not a yoga guru, so she says go and write everyday. You don’t have to write great stuff, she says; you just have to make positive effort for the good.  And that’s what I did on my mat today.

And it was full of win.



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