I Wish

I used to have a massage therapist who was a yoga teacher.  I miss her. She was terrific.  Not only did she have amazing technique and intuitive abilities, but after my bodywork session, she would sit with me and tell me which postures I should do to keep myself un-kinked and open.

I wish everyone I dealt with about my health at least knew something about yoga.  Ideally, I wish everyone I dealt with practiced yoga, or had practiced yoga, or at the very least knew what yoga was about.

Today I went to my chiropractor, an okay guy, not in the best shape, and sort of proud of it, who talked to me for 10 minutes about the importance of good posture.

I wanted to say: “Dude, do you know what I DO?  Do you know what my life is devoted to? Do you see my posture?”

Instead I stood there and nodded.

The last time I had my annual check-up my nurse practitioner had never even heard of Ayurveda, which was okay, but then when I told her a little about it, the basic concepts, she mocked me.

It’s largely a function of the place I live.

And that is just one more reason I need to stay healthy.  The local health care providers don’t get it, or me.

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