I just got home from the studio, where, after Happy Hour Yoga, a bunch of us sat around ate pizza and drank beer and wine and watched a film called YYoga.

If you’re interested you can watch the trailer here:

I love these kinds of movies.  They validate my practice, they inspire me to practice more, and more deeply, and they make me want to learn and grow and become both a better practitioner and a better teacher.

I loved sitting in the lounge, surrounded by people who practice yoga, people who already get this, and laugh at the right places and see themselves in the people practicing on screen with drips of sweat falling off the ends of their noses.  It was like, “Oh yeah, I’ve been there.”

But that wasn’t the best part of the evening.  The best part happened in the morning, actually, when I checked Facebook and one of my yogarians posted this: “50 Day Streak!!!”

She didn’t say that it was a yoga streak, but I knew it was.  And I confirmed it with her tonight.  She’s been carving out time in her day for the last 50 days for some kind of practice.  And it’s lasted 50 days (so far).

This is the beginning of Tapas.  Creating tapas with yoga means starting a daily practice for even a few minutes at home each day. Instead of making excuses, it’s finding a way to work yoga into your life.

And this is what she’s been doing.

I’m into streaks too.

This is my 100th post on this blog.

This is the end of my 14th week of posting daily Monday through Friday.

Today was my 335th day without a miss of meditating with Holosync.

Today was the 55th day in a row I wrote in my paper journal without a miss.

There is something about living a life of disciplined practices that grounds me and elevates me at the same time.

The practices I am committed to tie me to them, and at the same time free me in all other areas of my life.  My practices make me confident.  My practices make me proud.  My practices make me trustworthy.  My practices make me authentic. My practices give my life ballast.

My practices give my life joy.




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