Greetings from Portland, OR

The sun is shining and there are roses blooming on the bushes beside the deck here.  What?  Roses? The day before Thanksgiving???!!

I’ll take it!

It was a long day of flying yesterday.  Elmira to Detroit.  Here I am sipping a Chai Latte in the Detroit airport, still smelling fresh, looking good.


And then there was the whole “Internet In The Plane Happiness”, followed by the “Trying To Sleep In The Plane Unhappiness,” but then awakening to see last drops of the sunset over the Great Salt Lake which was very lovely and added to the happiness.

This morning we picked up the turkey and here I am placing it into a bucket of salted water to brine:

While I was Holosyncing, G took a walk through the neighborhood and found this view of Mt. Hood:

And here is a pic of me and Em in the kitchen, doing kitchen-y things:

And while we were kitchen-ing, the dog, Nia, was soaking up rays  on the windowseat:

And tonight is ThanksMas here, and there is a glass of wine at my elbow at this moment and I feel rude sitting here typing, so enjoy your life, and your Thanksgiving Eve!

Love and Cranberry Sauce!

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