Freaking About Tsunamis

Recruiting is brutal. It was hot and her recruiting chair didn’t have an umbrella. I think the school needs to buy her a chair with an umbrella. And a big bottle of Patron Tequila.

Softball is a slow game. Nothing happens for a long time, then there is a  hectic amount of shit that happens all at once.

She was watching a particular catcher. She doesn’t really look at skills–well, I shouldn’t say that. She looks at skills, but more than skills she looks at the kid’s attitude, and the how the kid’s parents behave.. If she sees some bad parental behavior, she leaves. Fortunately, this kid’s parents were chill. So we stayed for 3 or 4 innings, she saw what she wanted to see, then we left.

Our hotel was crawling with athletic teams. Kids with parents and coolers and the pool was packed, and loud, and the whole place had a soccer camp vibe.

We took showers and naps and played on the Ipads and I read this really frightening piece from the New Yorker about how a big earthquake and tsunami is due to hit the Pacific Northwest in the next, they-don’t-know-how-many-years, but soon, and now this is all I can think of.

Because of Em and Scott and Obie. I now want them to move. And they are moving, next month, to a new place, a little bit closer to the coast.

I want them to move away from the ocean. Far away. So the tsunami won’t kill them. I don’t know if they have seen this article yet or not, or what they think about it, but I, personally, do not want to move to Portland anymore.

I do not want to die in a natural disaster. I want to die peacefully. In my sleep. When I am 104.

Just the thought of everything I love in the world dying in a natural disaster makes me physically ill, and unable to sleep.  I want them to move away from Portland. They can stay in Oregon, but they need to back it way up. Way far away from the ocean. (This article said that the effects of the earthquake will be felt as far east as Sacramento.)

But they won’t move. They love it there. It’s their home. They will say that they can’t think of that. But the probability is 1 in 3. Within how many years? I don’t know. I forget. I would go back and re-read the article but I don’t want to. The article makes me feel sick. (Em, if you are reading this, I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I just wish you would move. This makes me so scared.)

Buddhists would say that I am feeling all these emotions because I am attached. Attachment is the cause of all suffering. Exactly. But how do you not be attached? I have also just started reading a book called The Surrender Experiment by the same guy who wrote The Untethered Soul, Mickey Singer. I am only a few pages in, but I think that his premise is that you must surrender to whatever happens. When you try to control things, that’s when everything goes haywire. Control is an illusion.

I guess. But I am really not there yet. I am not evolved to that point. I need to go and meditate. Right now. I need to find a way of framing this kind of stuff so that I can live with it.

Pacific City to Portland

We left our great VRBO in Pacific City this morning, but last night we watched the sun set into the ocean (which is unusual for us East Coasters who only see the sun rise over the ocean.)

It was cold out there, at least for me who has the blood of a snake. But well worth it, especially going back home to Cooper Mountain Pinot and a fire in the firepit, and s’mores.




And this morning we strolled Obie to the coffee shop and stopped to say goodbye to the sand on the way home.





Back in Portland we went to the Food Trucks for lunch. G and I had Nasi Goreng which we haven’t had since Bali  and it was delicious and the people watching was even better. I love Portland.image






After a shower and a napitation, it was back to Em’s for coctails, Corn Hole and cuddling with this one:


The plan for tomorow is to go the the Japanese Gardens, and then to Salt and Straw for ice cream. It is hot here in Portland, and this weekend is supposed to set records here.

Okay. Another great day here in Portand. More tomorrow.




Portland. Day 1

He’s getting used to us. Here is G feeding him breakfast:

And Dude begging.

Then we went and scoped out the new house and the new neighborhood. There’s a playground practically in their backyard. Obie is a bit too young for anything but the baby swings, so I tried out the rest of it for him. There are some pretty terrifying pieces of equipment in that playground, but this wasn’t one of them (despite my apparent breathlessness coming down a baby slide.)


Next we went to the Rose Garden where Emily and Scott got married June 21st 8 years ago, even though Scott thought it was 7 years ago. 

This is Obie just seconds before he was attacked by viscious rose water. 

Sadly, this encounter with these pink arbor roses did not end well. They were wet and when he let go of them, they swung back and he got hit with a face full of water. Don’t trust roses, Obie. They’re pretty, but they’re bitches.

After lunch and a nap, we went to Thinker Toys in Multnomah Village for something new. He really wanted the revolving Disco Ball on the ceiling, but settled for this shape sorter. We also discovered that, oddly enough, he doesn’t like toys that bite. Go figure.

All he wants to do is hold your hand and walk you around. Let’s just say I hit my 10K step goal.


A few games of Corn Hole and then during Happy Hour Scott gave me a Uke lesson. 


Tomorrow the party moves to the coast. 

Good times.


The Alarm is set for 3:30 AM

Our flight leaves at 7 AM tomorrow morning which means we have to be there by 6, which means we have to leave here by 5, which means we have to get up before the ass-crack of dawn.

It’s okay though. I’d rather do it this way than get in to Portland at 10 PM. This way we land before noon, giving us the whole day there. I love flying west and gaining those 3 hours. Similarly, I hate flying back east and losing them.

I am all packed, and the house is cleaned, and the house-sitter has been de-briefed on last minute stuff today.

I am also feeling very grateful to my 2 very adept yoga teachers who will be keeping the studio open while I am gone. Sandy will be teaching Happy Hour tomorrow and Gentle on Tuesday, and Shelly will be teaching Power Yoga on Monday. I would love to take those classes. (I always miss my studio when I go away.) My practice will probably take a break as well.

I have built all my  vacations this summer as no-writing times, but I’m taking my notebook anyway. You never know.

I do plan to keep this blog streak going, so I will be posting every day while I’m there, and I hope to take lots of pictures as well.

I got a message from one of my readers this morning that this site is wonky for him. My links are dead, for example, and my side-bar widgets have disappeared as well as the comment block at the end of the post.

If you are NOT experiencing this, would you do me a favor and let me know in the comments below? (Obviously, if you are experiencing this you can’t comment.)

I contacted WordPress this morning and they told me to clear my cache, but that didn’t solve the problem. I didn’t have time to follow up with them today, but I hope to during the week. It’s frustrating when the site starts acting strangely and I can’t figure out why.

Okay, I am off to bed. 5 hours sleep isn’t much, but tomorrow I will be sleeping in Portland! I can’t wait.

I get to hug OBIE!!

6 Things That Made Me Happy Today

1. My yoga studio. How crazy is it that I own a yoga studio? Sometimes I just cannot believe it. I walked in there at 7 this morning to do my personal practice, all bleary-eyed and tired, and walked out all energized and ready for the day.

2. Vince, my trainer. I write about Vince frequently here, but here’s the thing that made me happy today. Vince likes what he does, and it shows, and it makes me happy to to be around him, (even when he makes me do stuff that causes sweat to drip off the end of my nose.) What if everyone felt that way about what they do? Can you imagine? Can you imagine if everyone LIKED what they do for a living?

3. Making Turkey Goulash. Dicing onions, cutting mushrooms, measuring spices, tasting, stirring, and making the house smell amazing.

4. The James Altucher Podcast. Today (as I was making the goulash) I listened to his interview with Chris Hadfield. It was so good. Hadfield talked about becoming competent. It made me want to be competent, too.  Chris Hadfield is famous for this YouTube: 

5. Having Owen in the house. G’s dad arrived today from North Carolina. He drove 12 hours straight through. They are going fishing in the morning. (And that’s why there are worms in our fridge right now.) We ate the goulash and watched Survivor. He is such a happy person to have around.

6. Em and Scott got an offer on their house. This is my daughter’s first foray into the world of real estate. The Portland, OR housing market is crazy! Houses sell hours after the listing goes live. It took 48 hours to get their first offer and they were so nervous. But now they are in negotiations. *fingers crossed*

What made you happy today? Care to share?

Blogging in a Plane

So before I begin, here’s the first question:

Am I blogging IN a plane? or ON a plane? or maybe FROM a plane???

I am ON a flight, but IN a plane?

Is the altitude making me stupid?  Or maybe it’s my reading material.

I don’t know. All I know is that I am sitting on Delta flight which is currently flying over Duluth, MN headed to Portland, Oregon.  Ira is sitting in the window seat, and I was ticketed into the middle seat.  But oh, holy miracle! the aisle seat was not filled!  Do you know how heavenly it is to have room to spread out??  Oh Em Gee!!  If this happens on the red-eye home, I might have to start believing in God.

So I sucked it up and bought the wireless so I could keep up my streak and blog today, that’s how serious I am about keeping this going.  Also, it is fun.  But even though I have wireless, I don’t have a power source and my battery life is going to be an issue, so I need to stop futzing around here an post already.

So Ira and I are on this trip together and we are the Laurel and Hardy of traveling companions.  Or maybe more like the Oscar and Felix.  Ira is Felix (in my view, ahem) neurotic and OCD.  He has alphabetized file folders filled with copies of all the documents he was sent by the airline, neatly paper clipped together with all the relevant info highlighted in yellow highlighter.  He pulls these out whenever we approach the check-in people.  He keeps asking for clarification. He asked the shuttle driver if he could  take a spin around the parking lot one time and then come back for us because he needed time to check the car 13 times.  He carries a raincoat everywhere, even though the weather in Portland is going to be 90 degrees and sunny for the next 5 days.

He reads very serious books on the plane:

Ira reads on the plane

This is what Ira reads

I am Oscar.  I kinda wing it.  My main goal is to find Starbucks, and oh look! that place has sushi! I people watch and chat it up with the TSA people.  I have a more stupid, go with the flow attitude.  You want to butt in front of me, lady wearing a blow up neck cushion?  Go for it!  It’s not the Amazing Race, I don’t think.

I prowl around Hudson News.  I look at chocolate covered goji berries but settle on mints that cost double what I would have paid had I bought them at CVS at home, but I forgot.  This morning I took my polar fleece and my raincoat out of my suitcase.

I read junky magazines on the plane.  They amuse me.

This is what I read on the plane

So now this plane is pitching like a tilt-a-whirl and my water almost spilled so maybe it’s a sign from god to hit “publish” and go to the bathroom and barf.

Portland, Here I Come.

This time tomorrow I will be with my daughter and son-in-law in Portland, Oregon where we will drink our Starbucks lattes in Em’s new store, drive out to the coast and fly kites on the beach, drink wine and eat tapas.  Scott will play his guitar, and I will pet Nia, their chihuahua  I will take lots of pictures and maybe some video too, and I will probably cry a little on the plane on the way home.

It’s a short visit–5 days, but something is better than nothing.  I miss my Emily a lot, and even more so after I’ve been with her for a few days.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “vibe” lately, about how important it is for me to keep a good vibe going in myself, and how important a role other people play in either raising my vibe or dampening it.

Em really amps my vibe!  It’s not that she’s manic or really high energy, it’s that she’s unfailingly upbeat and optimistic. She not only sees the glass “half full,” for her it overflows, and she’s always looking for some empty glasses to catch the excess.

In contrast, I know people who spend a lot of  time “feeding the weeds” in their life by giving most of their energy and attention to negative stuff.  I think when you focus your attention on negatives, those negative things grow like weeds and crowd out all the flowers. When all your water is going to feeding the weeds,  there’s almost none left to feed the flowers.

I am going to Portland tomorrow to stay in my daughter’s house, where the “flowers” are watered, the “weeds” are few, and the “vibe” is strong and sweet.

Can’t wait!