Da Plane, Da Plane

Blogging first:  I am sitting in seat 21 E (Window) of a Delta jet, flying somewhere over the middle of the country, blogging.

There is Wifi on this flight. Free Wifi no less, compliments of Ebay, to all Delta flyers this holiday season.

I was just now composing an email to Emily when she popped up on my Google Talk sidebar with the message: “Aren’t you supposed to be on the plane now?”

“I AM on the plane!” I typed back.  And we took it from there.

This is my idea of heaven.  Connectivity at 30 thousand feet.  Ahhh….

I just ate a little snack of hummus and pita chips, and was sorely tempted to accompany it with a glass of red wine, but there is still one more leg to be negotiated in this journey, so I refrained, but had I, it would have felt almost like home (except for the sound of the fussy baby about 6 rows in front of me).

It’s 2 days before Thanksgiving and the airports are calm and empty.  Tomorrow it will probably be another story.

I am going to start a little gratitude list just to get myself in the Thanksgiving mood.  This is in no way a comprehensive, and it is “to be continued. “

I am grateful for planes that fly in the air, allowing me to go faraway places in a matter of hours.

I am grateful for computers that keep me connected to people I love, people I find fascinating, people who are funny, interesting, noble, and inspiring.

I am grateful for the ability to forward bend and to backward bend, (both physically and psychologically.)

I am grateful for all the people who come to the studio to practice yoga with me.  I stand slack-jawed and humbled in the face of their practice.

I am grateful for the abundance of joy in all facets of my life.

I am grateful for times of solitude and also for times of sociability.

I am grateful for all the writers and artists and just ordinary people who create works of art out of their daily lives.

I a grateful that I get to read them, and see them, and watch them, and study them, and thereby learn how to do it myself.

I will end here for today.

But there is no end to this list, really.


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