Puppets, continued.

So to continue the puppet theme from yesterday, I went online to see if I could find a ready-made Inner Wisdom Guide puppet. The first place I thought to look was Folkmanis, a company that makes the BEST PUPPETS EVER!  If you go to any upscale toy store like Alphabet Soup on the Ithaca Commons, or that other toy store in the Dewitt Mall, those are all Folkmanis puppets.  I even think the toy store on Market St. in Corning has them too.  (I wanna give a shout-out to all these toy stores because their clerks have all let me play with their puppets to my heart’s content, even at the risk of scaring off their customers.)

My daughter’s fave puppets growing up,  Boris and Hugo were (and are) Folkmanis puppets.  Boris is a sassy, outspoken, hyper Polar Bear; and Hugo is a somewhat shy  whiner and a crybaby.  They’re old now (20 years) and ratty and dusty and Folkmanis doesn’t even make their exact models anymore, but they still have Polar Bears and Brown Bears, just not Boris and Hugo

But back to me, and my search for an Inner Wisdom Guide puppet.  First thing I see when I go to the site is this:

Corgi Puppet

I KNOW!!  How could I resist, right?  And it’s mouth even moves (which for me, is a total MUST in a puppet, because what good is an inanimate object if it can’t talk to you, right?)  So I click Order Now!  Then go back to shopping because although irresistible, it doesn’t look like my Inner Wisdom Guide at all, but is a dead ringer (except for the tail) of the beast who needs 47 walks a day and who will pee on your shoes if you pet her.  This dog doesn’t even have Inner Bladder Control, never mind Inner Wisdom.

And then I see THIS:  And I think: OMFG, this could totally work!

Gargoyle puppet

I don’t really know what my Inner Wisdom Guide looks like to be perfectly honest.  I don’t have a picture in my mind. I only know what she sounds like.  I do know what her primary function is though, and that is to keep my boring and overbearing Ego from taking over my whole show.

Gargoyles are the threshold guardians who stand guard at the gates of sacred places (like big cathedrals) to keep the demons out.  So my thinking is that this Gargoyle could be a good avatar for my Inner Wisdom Guide, standing guard at the gates of my consciousness, keeping my Ego in check.

So I hit “Buy Now!” again.  And now I feel like a kid at Christmas, waiting for my puppets to come!  Wheee!!!

2 thoughts on “Puppets, continued.

  1. This is bringing back so many memories of being in toy stores with you! I’m checking out this site for a chihuahua puppet right now.

    Also, correction: Boris is the black bear who is shy and sweet. Hugo is the loud-mouthed polar bear who bosses around Boris.


    1. Em,
      I just re-read my description of Boris and Hugo and I must be going senile. I got them completely backwards. Yes, Boris is the shy and sweet one (and a little bit of a whiner too, no?) and Hugo is “Huge Ego!!” –bossy and overbearing (but also hilarious, wouldn’t you agree?)
      Thanks for the correction.
      (and they do have a Chihuahua!! If you didn’t get it already, I’ll buy it for you for Xmas. You want?)


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