Fight at Starbucks

I am in the same Starbucks as yesterday.  There is no wifi where I’m staying so this is where I come to check email.

This morning I set up in a little corner table where 2 women were sitting having a conversation one table over from me in the opposite corner.  It didn’t take me long to realize that they were having a very tense conversation.

I put my earphones in, but I could still tell by their body language that something very angry and accusatory was happening.  One woman was calm and rather smugly telling the other one something.  The one being “told” was getting redder and tighter by the moment.  Then there was a long period where both of them stared out the window.

Then, suddenly, Smug Woman said something and the other woman broke into tears and grabbed her coat and stormed out the door.

Afterwards, Smug Woman sat and texted on her cell phone with a big grin on her face.

Then she too, got up and left.

Starbucks is either the best place for a fight.

Or the worst.

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