Being Home

Just home from 5 days away visiting relatives.  Is anyone NOT happy when they return home after being away?

As great as any vacation is, coming home is always soooo sweeeeeet.  I am sitting on the couch, in my jammies, a glass of Pinot at my elbow, and a little dish of those little chocolate covered pomegranates that I love (and which will be  banished from the house as of 2010 because as they say: “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”)

Here is what I appreciate most when I come home from being away:

1. Broccoli, kale, and dark leafy greens.  Nobody I visit seems to eat vegetables at all, let alone green leafy ones.

2. Order.  Lack of clutter.

3. My animals.

4. My bed.

5. My Space Chair.

6. The most comfortable couch in the world.

7. 24/7 access to a great yoga studio (!)

8. Hills.  Pretty geography.

9. Good coffee.

10. A warm, cozy house

11. Balance.

12. A good vibe in the house at all times.

Tomorrow I will finish my end of the year summary and come up with my resolutions for the coming year.  But for tonight I will luxuriate in being home, and feel grateful.

2 thoughts on “Being Home

    1. OMG!!! Yes!! Yes you do!! In spades!! I was speaking from the present moment with memories of this latest bout of travel in mind.
      So sorry! Yours is one of the few houses that has all of the above (minus my space chair and bed, of course.)


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