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Year-End Summary

I thought this would be a neater and more organized year-end summary, but this is just the way it seemed to come out.

And before we get to this, let me just say that Yoga Nidra and the writing of the “letter to yourself” on New Year’s Eve is just the best.  I love this day, and to add to it the opportunity to be soft and open and quiet and reflective is the best gift I can give myself, and my yoga students.

To everyone who has been reading this little blog for the past 5 months, thanks.  And of you’ve taken the time to comment, thanks doubly. Happy New Year, everyone!

Okay, here goes.

Things I Started:

Inspiration Location (this blog)


Things I Finished:

Editing John Heaps’s Novel and seeing it through publication

1 Year (365 consecutive days) of Holosync

Things I Thought Were a Good Idea but later abandoned:

Good Reads

Strength for Life

Things I didn’t think I could do, but did:

Run a Half-Marathon (13 miles) Trail race

Things I got this year:

A Kindle

A Macbook Pro

Things I let go:

Mountain Home

Live Journal

Things I didn’t manage to do:

Stay on my computer diet (2 hrs/day)

Read more

Things that didn’t work out:

Yoga in Sayre, PA

Things I did that were new:

Yoga in Blossburg

Yoga in Wellsboro

People I became a fan of:

Brian Johnson of Philosopher’s Notes

Seth Godin

Steven Pressfield

Things that disappointed me:

My visit to Kripalu

Things that inspired me:

Pranakriya Yoga w/Yoganand

April Yoga Challenge

Weight lifting

Things that fell into my lap:

Steven Pressfield interview on my blog

Things I realized (again):

I need 2 sticks to rub together to create a fire: yoga and writing

I dig “streaking.”

Things I still can’t do in yoga:


Forearm balance

Head stand

Things that made me happy:

Acquiring the Yoga Lounge

People who died and left a hole in my heart:

Tam Soderberg

Louie Newman


I teach yoga. I love to breathe. Kapalabhati pranayama rocks my world. I can’t sing (but love to chant) I love rituals I was born a Capricorn (on the cusp) I cannot live without coffee. I can sit perfectly still for over an hour. I am afraid of deep water. I can’t parallel park. I know how to scuba dive (but won’t). I can eat anything with chopsticks. I don’t use coupons. I was at Woodstock. I have a large vocabulary. I have slept in the Everglades surrounded by alligators. I used to want to be a bartender. I used to want to be a nun I am happiest when I am around purple things. I can read Tarot cards. I can’t eat eggplant. I have relatives in The Wizard of Oz. I have paddled a canoe with a nudist. I function best with 9 hours sleep. I can go for a week without speaking. I am addicted to blogs and social media. I love the poetry of Pablo Neruda, Mary Oliver, Rilke and Billy Collins I watch My Dinner with Andre every January as a ritual I don’t drink enough water. I love my computer I hate to vacuum. I do not like hydrangeas. I love the Sierra Mts. I dislike the name “Debbie.” I have read all of Proust. I love yoga I like to fly kites. I have never smoked a cigarette. I cry at movies. I only watch really crappy TV. I wear a size 8 shoe. I hate the smell of burnt toast. I love catalpa trees. I speak no foreign languages. I love to drive. I hate clowns. I love roller coasters. I hate country music. I do not like the sound of bagpipes. I hate shaving. I love Brie. I love to watch water move. I hate plastic cutlery I love my Kindle I do not love my phone I love sitting up to my neck in hot water.

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