The First Day

Ah, what a day.  The first of this new year, this new decade.

I spent the morning cross-country skiing and the afternoon making a turkey-noodle soup out of the turkey carcass from Christmas dinner.

I also cleaned out the refrigerator in preparation for all the good, fresh food and veggies that will go into it in the next few days.

I took a hot bath with Tranquility Bubble Bath and did my hour of Holosync.

I drank 4 glasses of water and spent a lot of time peeing.  My body apparently doesn’t know what to do with water, so it just dumps it.

Ran out of day before I was able to write more than a cursory entry in my paper journal, and now I am posting here and it’s already way past my bedtime and I feel brain dead.

I had hoped to write the entry where I go through my list of “excitements” for the coming year (I am using the word “excitements” in place of “goals” or “resolutions.” ) But that entry will have to wait until tomorrow.

Now, I will go to bed.

Christmas is over.  The tree is down, the decorations stored away.  The house seems more spacious and open and clear now.

So does my mind.  I am ready to begin anew.

2 responses

  1. Not all our Christmas decorations have been put away just yet but the tree is down and all the ornaments have been packed away for next year. I am loving the extra space and light that we have now that the tree is gone. It’s amazing how good a little extra free space can feel!


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