There is a glass of wine sitting here on the coffee table, waiting for me to finish this post.  It’s Jargon Pinot Noir, if you must know. It’s Friday night and I just had a super Happy Hour Yoga class with all my right people.  I just love it when my right people show up.

(And just to clarify: “My right people” are people who have made yoga a ritual practice in their life.  YOU could be “my right people” !!  Maybe you already are and we just haven’t met yet!  And maybe I am one of YOUR “right people” too!  In which case, I would like to know, and officially become a member of your tribe.)

So to get back to tonight, all my right people showed up, including Michelle, who has just been through hell and back dealing with a medical issue and will continue to deal with said issue in the coming months, but at least she is now back with her yoga tribe and we all feel like, “Yeah, the tribe is back again!”and “Let the healing games begin!” (Welcome back, Michelle!)

So I led the Meditative Posture Flow which is a lot of hard, with a little easy inserted in at key moments.  It’s like throwing a big rock into the pond of your body, then allowing some time to watch the ripples flow out to the edges, then disappear, over and over again for an hour.  Rock, ripples, rock, ripples, rock, etc. It’s intense, but in a cool intense way.

And after this was over, and many good convos too, I headed home to Friday night!

This is the first Friday night in a month that I am officially off my cleanse, so I came home and had a bowl of butternut squash soup (so very yummy, not to mention beautiful in color and consistency. It is the color of cantaloupe and the consistency of paint.) And then, afterwards, I had a tiny piece of the Groundhog Day Carrot Cake (vegan), and now there is a fire going and the Jargon Pinot is glowing jewel-like in the firelight.

And I will drink the Pinot now in little sips until it’s all gone.  And I might have a tiny piece of dark chocolate too.  And I will watch the movie “9” by Tim Burton that Emily recommended, and be so grateful for my life, once again.

Because what could be better than my right people, rock and ripple yoga, good conversations, soup the color of cantaloupe, a fire,  pinot and chocolate?


5 thoughts on “Wine

  1. Can I get the recipe for Groundhog Day Carrot Cake?
    It sounds wonderful.

    Also sounds like you were surrounded with love Kath, I am very happy for you.


  2. Hello Kath!
    I love your inspiration location! I’ve not been available too much lately but you surely are ” one of YOUR/MY “right people”. You probably don’t know it but I depend on you! Not meaning that to cause any pressure on you!


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