The 1st Anniversary of This Blog

This is my 167th post on this blog.

I mention this only because I just passed my 1st  anniversary here.

I had a slow start, for sure.  I knew I wanted to do something with this blog that would express my particular take on the world, as well as track my daily search for inspiration. (And believe me, it’s quite the challenge finding things to get stoked about around here some days.)

I didn’t want this to be a “diary.”  I also didn’t want it to be “What I did today, or what I had for lunch.” I had done that already on Live Journal and in a little website I had years ago, and was tired of it.

I totally underestimated how hard it would be to come up with any kind of content daily, never mind interesting content.  All the big bloggers emphasize how important it is to come up with useful and interesting content consistently. And I bow at their feet for being able to do it.  I appreciate them.  I understand now what amazing feats they pull off each day. I am inspired by all the blogs I read.  I only wish more people  I actually know in real life blogged.  (I would absolutely love that.)

Blogging, I think, is little like practicing yoga. When you first start practicing yoga, you don’t quite “get it,” you feel awkward, disconnected from your body, stiff.  All your teachers say, “You’ve got to practice! You’ve got to stay with it!  If you want to “get it” you have to do it every day. For years.

My favorite Yoga Sutra is this one:

“That practice is firmly grounded which is practiced incessantly, with reverence, for a long time.”

I started this blog last February, but it wasn’t until mid-August that I decided that the only way to get better at it was to do it “incessantly, with reverence, for a long time.”

My focus became more on posting no matter what, and less about fretting over posting wowza content.  I decided that until blog post #300 I was an apprentice. Until I had blogged consistently for a year, I could only call myself, “A person who writes a blog.”  After the 300th post though, I would earn the moniker: “Blogger.”

So I take my computer on vacation, and even to yoga teacher trainings so I can post. I write when I really don’t have a single thing in my brain. I write at the end of the day when I am bone weary and completely spent from my day, and teaching my classes.

My philosophy is: It doesn’t really matter WHAT I write. It matters only THAT I write.

At least that’s where I’m at now.  As I learn more about this, and myself, I’ll be able to find my identity here, and recognize my little piece of turf, and hopefully turn out amazing content.

So thanks for reading my experiment in persistence.  Someday, hopefully, you’ll be able to say, “I used to read her back when she really stunk!”

3 thoughts on “The 1st Anniversary of This Blog

  1. Kathleen:

    Hip Hip Hooray for the anniversary of your blog!

    It’s great to know you have already written so many posts, and you know what: you are gonna get even better. The upside is better than the downside. Just you wait and see what happens.

    There is always scope for improvement. When you look back and read something you wrote a long time ago, you will note the difference: why, you have improved, over the years, that’s for sure.

    Your writing life is a work-in-progress. And it is a treat to read your blog. Stay positive and keep on writing no matter what. Cheers to your life too.


  2. I love your style of writing and truly look forward to reading your blogs! I hope you don’t change your style to much because I think it is right on. You make me laugh, think, question….it’s easy to read, just right on.
    Thanks for giving this to us.
    Oh, yeah, congrats for one full year!! Please keep on writing.


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