The Pomodoro Technique

Yeah, it’s come to this the last few days.  I can’t seem to focus long enough to finish anything.  I start to read and then think I should be cleaning. I start to clean and then think I should be meditating.  During meditation I think that I should be running, I can meditate any time, but there are just so many daylight hours in a day. While washing the dishes I think of filling the bird feeders, and then the dog wants to go out, and then mail comes and I check the computer again.

A while back I read about the Pomodoro Technique. It involves a kitchen timer (shaped like a tomato) that you set for 25 minutes. You work like the devil for 25 minutes, the thing DINGS!, you take a 3 minute break, and do it again, and again, until your task is finished.

It’s brilliant, except of course for the constant ticking, and the heart-stopping ding at the end.  I’ve been using it to get through my writing this week, and tomorrow I’m going to use it to clean.

So this is what it’s come to. I am at the mercy of a red plastic tomato.

And it’s working.