The Virtual Yoga Challenge

Okay, so tomorrow begins the 3rd Annual Yoga Challenge at my studio. Some people have expressed a desire to do a Yoga Challenge at home, and participate “virtually.”  I think that is a great idea, and I want to support you!  If you want to commit to 3o days of yoga for the month of April, you can hold yourself accountable by commenting on this blog each day you do your practice.

Just put in the comment box that you practiced, and for how long.  If you want to say what you did (what postures, what breathing techniques, that would be even better –and inspiring for the rest of us!)  I will mark you down on a separate chart in the MSY Studio. I will also put your name in for the drawings at the party at the end!  So it will be just like you’re here, except you won’t be.

If you want a little more in the way of guidance, each week I will post a posture sequence that you might want to try for the week.  These will be sequences that I have used and are tried and true and I love them.  You are always free to modify them any way you wish.  The only stipulation for this Challenge is that you practice every day, or as many days as you can.  Aim for every day, or for 20 out of 30 days or 3 times a week, or as much as you can!

So, you ready, Virtual Yogarians??

Here’s a nice sequence you might like to try.

If you’ve taken a number of classes with me, you will recognize this sequence immediately.  This is the practice I devised to lure myself to my yoga mat on days when I thought to myself: “OMG, I don’t have time to do yoga!!  But maybe I’ll just lie on my mat for a few minutes and breathe…

And then it morphed into this:

Kath’s Default, All-Purpose, Great Yoga Practice

Rolling around on your back hugging knees into chest.

Extending legs up and wiggling toes and circling ankles

Wind Reliever with right knee bent

Knee down twist to the left

(repeat on the other side)

Hamstring stretch with a strap (with leg out to the side variation, and leg across the body variation if there’s time.) Repeat other side.

Long full body stretch

Bridge pose

Baddha Konasa (Butterfly)

Happy Baby

Rock up to seated

Come to hands and knees

Cat/Dog stretches

Thread the needle (both sides)

Downward Dog

Walk forward into Ragdoll

Explore standing forward fold (grab big toes and pull the stretch into legs and back)

Mountain Pose

Sun Salutes until a sweat breaks

Child’s pose


**Namaste**  (insert beatific smile here)

Okay?  Comment below, give me your name if you’re in, and I’ll get a chart going for you in the studio.  All the Studio Challenge Yogarians will be keeping an eye on your progress, too, and sending you encouragements in the comments.  Check back every day and watch for pictures and videos!

Happy April!