Placeholder Entry

I am home.  Oh, so tired.  4 Days of Yoganand is:

1. Inspiring

2. Invigorating

3. Englightening

4. Exhausting

5. Deep

6. Social

7. Sweet

8. Playful

9. Challenging

10. Did I say Exhausting? Yeah. Exhausting. In that sweet, playful, social, and deeply enlightening way.

I’ve been home for just a few hours. Can I just say that my home is beautiful and that I love how my doggie goes bananas when she hasn’t seen me for a few days?  I love how she howls in glee, then pees on my shoes when I walk in.

Tomorrow I will write a proper entry, but tonight I am going to sleep the sleep of the dead in my own bed, without the sounds of heated arguments coming from the room below (the first night at the Best Western),  or the sounds of sex in the room next door (last night).

Tonight I am going to fall asleep to the sound of  distant thunder…