Fort S’mores

Really??  That was Memorial Day???  That long string of sunny and warm days???

Well, all righty, then!

It started at the Grower’s Market, then on Saturday we went to Fred’s for a cookout and bonfire.  Except that Fred doesn’t really have bonfires, he has conflagrations.  His friend Scott and Scott’s kids came up from Philly for the weekend, and they wanted to make S’mores, except the fire was like something out of Dante, so this is what they had to do:

Fort S'mores

They got a 10 foot long branch, stuck a marshmallow on the end of it, then hunkered down behind a panel of fencing so they could withstand the Inferno.  Within 2 seconds the marshmallow was on fire, and the S’mores were assembled.

Then we all watched as the full moon rose over the hill as the fire died down to glowing embers.

Ahhh….  The start of summer.

2 thoughts on “Fort S’mores

  1. I feel like that picture could go on a ridiculous greeting card you’d find at some quirky independent store. I’m not sure what it would say inside yet.


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