Mansfield Grower’s Market

G eyes the goods

I went to the Grower’s Market today. It’s becoming the Friday ritual.  I spend A LOT of money, but in return I get to shmooze with a lot of people I really love.  It’s become one of the highlights of my week, actually.

The pic above is G, looking for goodies, and below is a shot I rigged up of Tim pretending to buy soup from Rowena.  (Tim is the leader of my Trybe, and Rowena is a fellow half-marathoner).

Tim buys soup from Rowena

This is Cheryl.  She is the best “Om” chanter in my studio. She’s got a great voice and she plays the harp and gives harp lessons and subs in the public schools.  She’s pretty damned amazing.  She played and sang at the market today.

Cheryl on the harp

There was a lamb for the kids to pet.  He wasn’t that thrilled about being there, though.  His name was George.  He came with a boy.  The boy was NOT named George, thank god, or else I’d have to call him “Boy George” and that would be too weird.

Boy with George (the lamb)

And then there were these unusual chickens.  That white one escaped at one point and G caught it before it ran into the traffic.  It’s cute, but it’s pretty dumb, as all chickens are to some degree or other, but it’s fur is remarkable.  It’s not “fur” though, is it?  It’s feathers.  But it looks like fur…

Funky chickens

The Lucero’s were there with their Bernese Mt dog named Spencer.  Spencer is HUGE.  He’s got a great smile, though, as do all of the Luceros.  That’s Cheryl of harp fame, and her husband Andy on the left.  All the rest are Luceros.

Spencer, the Bernese Mt. dog, and his fans

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