Some Days Are Just Ridiculous

I know where my Resistance Monster lives.  Right here in this computer.  Yes he does.  And every keystroke feeds him, and every stop at Facebook and Gmail and ICal and IPhoto.

And every blog post I read feeds him, and every Google search does too.

And today I was sitting here looking out the window and watching the same stupid squirrel  make  the same futile attempt to get seed from the birdfeeder that triggers the same lowering of the metal shroud preventing him from getting the goods.

He does this every single day.  Every day I watch him.  It used to be cute, now he’s just wallpaper.  “Oh yeah, that dumb squirrel.”

Then I thought I’d take some video of him, since he’s the Summer 2010 Mascot, apparently.  I took the video with the Flip, and then I tried to do some basic editing and that’s when the Resistance Monster really got me.

I had planned on being in my Space Chair by 9 AM, getting my daily pages written, but The Flip ensnared me and I was there for an hour, then another, and before I knew it it was 1 PM and I still had not solved my problem.

My whole day was being eaten by the Resistance Monster who kept feeding me crappy little problems in the hopes that he could chew up my whole day with nonsense.

Finally, I was able to break away, but I felt so crappy, and my Vibrometer (the internal gauge that measures my “Vibe,”) was starting to flatline.  I had to do something. I had to break away from the clutches of the Resistance Monster and the only way I could see to do that was to RUN!

So I did.  In a flash, I put on my shoes and fled the house at a brisk trot.  Half an hour later I was home, doing Kettleworx, and after that, an hour of Yin, and after that a shower and after that my class.

All because I spent 3 hours on a squirrel video.

All my stuff got done, but I have to remember to stay away from the computer until I’ve put my Big Rocks in for the day.

Here’s what had me so entranced: