What I Believe (a partial list)

My all-consuming project these past few months is this Manual of Me I’ve been putting together.  The idea behind this is something akin to Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations in which he wrote down things in order to keep reminding himself of what he believed, what he stood for.  His Meditations were never meant to be published, but to be a place where he would write, and by writing, practice himself.

What I find happening with me, is that I know things about how I am, and how I roll, and what cures me when I get whacked out, but I tend to forget these things.

I know who I am and what I stand for, but sometimes…I forget.  Thus, the need for The Manual.

Today I uncovered a piece I started a while ago that desperately needs to be added to. It’s an “I believe” exercise I did for Zee.  I think it’s something that’s important to do, and to keep doing…  So here it is, a work in progress:

I believe…

I believe the key to a vibrant life is kale.

I believe in stories. I believe I can change mine.

I believe I can only go as far forward as there are people standing behind me.

I believe travel transforms.

I believe that I am about 78% brave.

I believe in the power of the meditation cushion.

I believe in the power of persistence.

I believe in the power of expressed gratitude.

I believe in the wish-power of birthday candles.

I believe in the power of flowers.

I believe every day whispers a little secret in your ear and that’s why you need to meditate (so you can hear it).

I believe a long hot bath can cure anything.

I believe there should be a chilled bottle of champagne in the fridge at all times.

I believe work is the question.

I believe sleep is the answer.

I believe when you find happy, inspiring people you should move next door to them.

I believe if you step on a crack, nothing at all happens to your mother.

I believe if you walk long enough everything will figure itself out (solivtur ambulando).

I believe in the predictive powers of groundhogs.

I believe in holding hands.

(to be continued.)