Friday Gratitude

Today was a good day, so let’s start with some gratitude.

First, a big shout-out to the sun. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us all summer and dude, keep up the good work.

Second, to my alarm clock for not going off this morning at 4:30.  **this is me blowing kisses from dreamland**

Third, to the serendipity of taking Boomer for her noon walk just in time to catch the MU Marching Band playing outside of Straughn prior to Convocation.  I love marching bands in general, but the MU Marching Band is one of the best thing about the whole school, and  has always been.  I loved it, but it was a little loud for Boomer.

Fourth. The “Cute” is back on campus (finally!!).  For the whole summer Boomer and I have been walking an empty campus.  No Boomer fans at all; no one gushing, “Oh what a cute dog!  Can I pet your dog?” It’s been hell.  But now the students are back, and the Cute Walk is back in full parade.

Fifth.  A Path With Heart by Jack Kornfield.  I started it this morning and it is totally beautiful and totally inspiring and exactly what I need at the moment.

Sixth.  The Mansfield Growers Market.  Really, it gets better every week. Best thing about Mansfield. Tonight’s sweet corn was scrumptious.  But mostly, I love the people.

Seventh. Happy Hour Yoga with so many of my favorite people.  Some weeks yoga is super spectacular and this was one of them.  A big, warm “welcome back” to Bob! (MSY: Another “Best thing about Mansfield” thing (if I do say so myself.)

And finally to the most comfortable couch in the world for supporting my ass, and to my electric wine chiller for taking tonight’s zinfandel up to a perfect 59 degrees and holding it there while I prepare to watch City Island, the Redbox pick for this evening.

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone! See you Monday!