Tired and Heading to Bed

Some nights I am brain dead and this is one of them.  Maybe a just quick “Friday Gratitude” post?

This week I am grateful for:

My heavenly Labor Day vacation at the beach.

The return of my yoga students.

Yin Yoga, both at home and at the studio.

This great book I’m reading called Yoga for Your Type.

Writing with Zee in Ithaca again.

Nasal breathing during my little runs around campus.

Naan pizza.

New yoga students.

The relative emptiness of the weekend in terms of “things to do.”

How’s that?  Maybe I’ll post tomorrow.  With pictures!  Last garage sale of the season tomorrow.  All antiques.  Should be interesting.


One thought on “Tired and Heading to Bed

  1. Can’t agree with you more about returning to writing with Zee — just wish we were in the same group. Love the inspiration I find here. Keep it up.


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