An 18-Day Experiment

Yesterday while I was practicing my new Fall Flow sequence and I was sweating and feeling a little awkward, it suddenly occurred to me that in a measly 18 days I am going to the Yoganand-a-Thon and I am NOT READY!

Not that I ever feel entirely ready for the rigors of training with Yoganand, but this particular line-up of postures has me reeling.

Here they are:

Angled Shoulderstand, Balancing Pigeon, Bound Lotus, Folded Tree, Half Camel, Handstand, Head to One Foot Pose, Headstand, Inverted Rabbit, Lifted Staff, Noose Posture, Pigeon Variations, Plow, Rabbit, Rooster, Scorpion, Seated 4 Angle Pose, Sideways Crow, Swallow, Swing Pose

This is a ridiculous amount of arm and shoulder work. But here’s the thing: it’s not important that I be able to do all these poses, only be able to teach them.  However…

That being said, I will have to try to do all of them, in a room with other teachers who WILL be able to do them.

But it goes deeper than that.  I feel I should be stronger. I feel I can be stronger.  But I can’t be strong enough in 18 days, but I can start.

Today I committed to a more balanced and ayurvedic approach to eating, exercising, and working. Nasal breathing when I run, one big meal mid-day, and 2 very small ones at breakfast and dinner.  And instead of working in the morning, doing my brain work in the afternoon.

We shall see. I want to see how fast I can reduce body fat and muscle up using an ayurvedic approach. I am using John Douillard’s Body, Mind and Sport as my guide in this.

I’ll post results daily until September 30th when I leave.

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