Transitions Can Be A Bitch

Baked apples
Image by anjuli_ayer via Flickr

Everytime I came here to write last week, the page ate my words as I wrote them. (Or was it just that pesky  “delete” key?)

I wanted to write about how the full Harvest moon knocked me to my knees, and about how I was drowning in mountains of summer and fall clothing, each begging not to be relegated to the storage bin.  “See?  It’s still in the high 80s,” said the shorts and tees.  “Don’t be ridiculous,” said the sweaters.

But I couldn’t.

I wanted to write about the new light coming in through the bedroom window now that the window AC is gone.  And how the kitchen is newly flooded with light because the canvas canopy on the deck is now stored away for the winter.

But I couldn’t bring myself to sit here and write. There was more a need to sit and just watch, without words. I needed to just listen.

Transitions demand attention.

The fall transition is especially hard for me.  I love summer and it’s a   wrench to see it fade away.  A new season, a new way of being, a quieter, more contemplative way of being is beginning to assert itself.  I appreciate that too, of course, but…

When two seasons collide like they did last week, I got overloaded. I needed to hit the “reset” button.  I had too many windows opened.  I had maxed out my RAM.

But now that the moon is waning, and the weather is getting cooler, and I no longer have to get up and teach morning yoga, I am starting to resign myself, and prepare.

And today? Today I baked an apple.

4 thoughts on “Transitions Can Be A Bitch

    1. Joey,
      I’ve missed you, too! I am anxious to talk to you about the Blue Ridge Meditation thing. Do you know that Jack Kornfield is coming to Kripalu Dec. 5-10th? (really BAD time of year, but man! wouldn’t it be great to go??!!)


      1. YES! I saw he is coming! The 5th is my 40th birthday and I can’t let my family lose out on all that “fun”. Or… Maybe I can… I really want to hear, see, and meet Jack Kornfield!

        I’ve been crazy with work and I miss class after class. 😦 I’ve been practicing though and keeping up with the September challenge better than I expected. I didn’t get my mat out on two days, but still did standing suns those days.

        I’ll see you next week. I’ve been so jazzed about learning headstands and I’ve had to miss the past two Mondays. I’m really hoping for next Monday if you’re back from your trip. I hope you have a great time! See you!


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