Getting My Drawers In A Bunch

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Tomorrow morning I will drive down to King of Prussia (in heavy rain, apparently) for another 5 day Training with Yoganand.

Today I have been doing my books, writing my October rent check and, so far, just mentally packing.

I can’t believe I still get the jitters every time I anticipate these trainings.  They’re so intense. And holy shit do they ever they kick up the dust for me.

Here’s a partial playlist of  “head music” from previous trainings:

I wish my body could do that…

If I practiced that every day could I do it? ) Or are my arms (legs, torso) just t00 short?

I need to train like this every day!

I wish Yoganand’s studio was closer.

I need a class to go to, dammit.

These other teachers are incredible and they are so young!

I wish I had started this path earlier.

God I feel old.

I hate this goddamn “sharing.”  It’s so fake.  I hate looking for a partner.

Bear Rock Cafe for lunch again?  Oy.

Too. Much. Stim.

I need a hot bath NOW. With Epsom Salts, please.

I think I just saw God. ….No. Really.

It’s not about the pose, is it?


What the hell just happened?  Where am I?  Why these tears?

So I’ll drive mindfully through the rain tomorrow and get there at 6, and spread my Manduka, and say hello to my fellow teachers, who I have now done 5 of these trainings with and know pretty well.  When the day is over I will drive back to the Best Western, take my bath, and fall exhausted into bed to do it all over the next day.

I hope to post. It’s my intention to.  I miss me when I’m not here in the morning.  (heh).  I can’t remember if I posted the last time–I’ll have to check.  Yes! I did!  And I just re-read those entries.

And you know what the best part of blogging is?  Having blogged!  I just re-read my posts (they’re in the March archives: March 18, 19, 22 and 23 if you’re interested) and now I feel much happier.

It’s going to be fiine! What am I getting myself all worked up about?  Sheesh!  I’m an idiot.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Getting My Drawers In A Bunch

  1. I hated the sharing too. Ugh. Bring on the yoga, leave the chatter at home!

    Just a few things:

    You are an amazing woman, a yoga teacher we are all blessed to have and loved….very much.

    🙂 Drive safe.



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