So, a little anniversary passed without me acknowledging it 2 days ago.  I wrote my 300th blog post on Monday.

Last August I started “getting serious” about this blog, and by “getting serious” I mean that I committed to posting regularly.  At first, I made the commitment to posting EVERY DAY.  Then I backed off and gave myself the weekend off, and re-committed to just 5 days a week.  And miraculously, except for 1 little blip, I’ve kept to that schedule.

When I set that as my goal, I told myself that until I reached 300 posts, I was just a person with a blog; but that after 300 posts, I could legitimately call myself a blogger.

So here I sit tonight, writing blog post number 303.  Go me.

I still haven’t found my niche, nor do I really have a style, or a focus here, but I trust that if I continue to write that I will evolve into what I am meant to become here.

Blogging, just like any other disciplined activity, is just a matter of doing it, day after day, week after week, putting the “Resistance Monster” in chains for an hour or so every day and cranking out content.  There is something to be said for the sheer act of “showing up” –even if there is very little real content–or very little interesting content.

Now that I have the habit of posting, the content is bound to get better (at least I hope it will.)

When you post as often as I do, I think the posts need to be short and sweet. Sometimes I ramble, but my goal is to always write a post that can be read without the reader having to scroll.  Or at least not having to scroll too much.

My new goal for the next 300 days is to include more photos in my posts.  I like it when other bloggers post pics, so I hope to get busier with my camera.

So, Happy Blogiversary To Me!

See you tomorrow, the start of the next 300 days!

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