Friday Gratitude


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Let’s start this gratitude party with a big shout-out to my Happy Hour Yoga class tonight, shall we?  Those dedicated, disciplined souls who 1) Came out in drippy, icky weather, and 2) Did one hellava awesomely rajasic practice and were sweating bullets by the end, holy-moly.  Usually it’s a mellowish, end-of-the-workweek practice on Friday, and that’s what I had planned, but then I picked up a vibe–something in the air that whispered, “These people , despite their sleepy facades, need a big pranic jolt tonight.”

100 Planks and side planks and chaturangas later they were lying there like little pools of melted buttah.  If I had a chunk of lobster on a fork I could have walked around among them and had a very satisfying dinner before the closing Namaste.

The next big gratitude goes out to Yogi Bear who visited the deck last night at midnight to try to scarf up the bird seed in the Eliminator.  We chased him and he ran (thank god) and just broke a small planter.  Everything else was spared.

I went back to bed feeling sorry for things that are hungry in the night, because I was too.  Poor bear.  (But dude.  Don’t come back, okay?  Time to go nighty-night for the winter.  See ya in the spring.)

And then there’s some gratitude for the fun drunk party girls in for Homecoming, and the beautiful run through the Ives Run woods on Sunday followed by a yummy smoked turkey sub and ice cream at Pag-O-Mar that was the last “bad food” before this present cleanse.

Which I am also grateful for, but just not tonight as I sit here with my little bowl of warm organic applesauce.

And no wine.

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