Picking Up The Ball

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The longer the ball stays on the ground, the heavier it gets. Ever noticed that?

One day of not posting grows into 2, then a week, then the whole month skitters by annnnnd …there you have it. Fumble.

An object in motion stays in motion, but an object at rest will stay at rest until some force causes it to move (The law of inertia).

One of my readers commented yesterday: “Update your blog, already!” and so here I am, properly ass-kicked out of inertia.  (Thanks Mo.)

I really can relate, too. I know all-too-well the annoyance of getting into the habit of checking on certain bloggers and then when they mysteriously stop writing, feeling like some kind of an agreement has been broken.  It’s like calling someone and always getting their voicemail.  It’s annoying. It feels like a rebuff.  You start to wonder: have they given up their blog entirely? Did something happen to make them stop? Will they suddenly log back on and announce: I moved! I got a divorce! I became enlightened! I converted to Hinduism! I lost my hard drive!

Or will they, like me, just confess to a raging case of the lazies?

Truth is, I haven’t become enlightened or anything dramatic; I’ve just entered “Winter Contemplative Mode” in which all I want to do is snuggle into to my Poang chair (which I’ve self-upholstered with a heavy fleece-backed Woolrich blanket) and read.

But even I miss me when I’m not here.  Was it V. Woolf who said, “How do I know what I think until I read what I write?”  That’s what happens with me: writing forces me to organize the spaghetti mess of thoughts in my head and make a little story out of it. Then and only then can I understand what I’m doing and what I think about it all.

So to any of you who have been checking here expectantly, I apologize.  I’ve just been feeling lazy and boring.

Winter has set in here and  I’m now wearing my North Face coat and my skin is totally drying out.  I’ve been dry brushing and applying this Vata Massage Oil all over to both ground me and keep me from totally flaking out.  I also found this stuff called argan oil from a tree in Morocco of the same name and I’m slathering that on my face as well.

Thanksgiving was good but there were food booby-traps everywhere and I got nailed, so tomorrow it’s back to the ED (Elimination Diet), plus I have a weight training date with Tim which I know will catapult me back into high gear.

I read this piece in the Times magazine today about this 91 year-old track star named Olga Kotelko who scientists are studying to figure out how she can still perform at such a high level at that age. As part of his study this scientist has found that after 6 months of twice weekly weight training the biochemical, physiological and genetic signature of older muscle is turned back nearly 15 or 20 years!!  (whoa.)

Looks like I’m going to have to get over my hatred of weights, eh?

Okay, I picked up the ball.  I’m back.  Feels good.  More tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Picking Up The Ball

  1. Oh wow, all I want for Christmas is some Vata massage oil. Reading about it is like a mirage for my skin!

    I can relate to the not writing stuff… (blog? What blog?) Just take your time and write when the urge calls you. xoxo


  2. Was it V. Woolf who said, “How do I know what I think until I read what I write?” That struck a chord. Takes me back to Aurelius.


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