The Tao of Weights

New equipment at the gym!  They replaced all the old Precor stuff with Hoist!  So exciting!  And best of all, this Hoist stuff moves as you push it, and press it, and pull on it, which makes it almost, (but not entirely,) amusing.

It was good to get back to it today, I must say.  Though I am weak as a kitten and there were times when I was just pretending to lift but in reality Tim was doing all the work.  He’s such a good guy. He didn’t have to do this.  And it was especially impressive since he had just swam 133 laps in the pool.

(So if you’re reading this: Thanks Timbo!  I really appreciate it.

(And people, I am not making up that number.  He really did swim 133 laps.)

But the important thing for me was that I did it. I got gym clothes on and walked there and presented my ID and changed my shoes and did it.


I now feel rebooted and that all systems are “GO.”  The challenge now is to be consistent. Consistency is the whole game.  I can’t lift everyday, because I need a day to recover, but every other day. Consistently.

The other thing  I have to remember is to forget.  I have to remember to focus on the now and forget about “cuts” and “guns” and all that other bushwah.  Because if I’m all focused on that end results-y stuff, there will be too much hard, and I don’t deal well with hard.

For me, it’s all about learning to love the path.  Because if I can’t love the path, I will never get into “flow,” and if I never get into “flow” then I won’t do it at all, and that will blow holes the size of grapefruits in the consistency thing.

Then the whole enterprise will have turned out to be a colossal waste of time and expensive Hoist equipment.  Am I right?

(Of course I am.)


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