The Day after Groundhog Day

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I haven’t been blogging very much lately, and it’s not because I’m still chewing on my robbery, no.  I’m totally over that. All the people who wrote me checks, wrote me new ones (god, I love my people so much!) so I was able to make my rent, and life goes on.  The cops?  What can I say?  They’re doing their best.  Like I try to remind myself hourly: “Everybody’s doing the best they can with what they have.”  It’s doubtful I’ll ever see that money again, though.

My new project for February is that I am trying to write a book in 28 days.  The same book I’ve been trying to write for a year, maybe 2 years, maybe more, but which wasn’t getting written, so I have taken myself off the hook of having to do anything with this thing except FINISH IT.  That’s the only goal.  Finish it, send it off to some kind of self-publishing place that will bind it into a thing that looks like a book, and then I can call it DONE and move on. So, February is “Finish the Book” Month.

The other thing I am doing in the next 28 days is Yoganand’s Yoga Workout.  Every day. Sort of like P-90X, except I’m calling it Y-O-Y28X, which you can read as “Why, oh why, Yoganand???”  As in: “Why oh why would you develop such a sequence?? Or something like that.  It’s good though.  It’s going to make me STRONG.  Boo-yah strong.

Today I also completed Day 65 on 750 words.  I have not missed a day since I started on December 1st, though I did have a little moment of panic yesterday when we had an ice event here and the forecasters were saying people could lose power.  OMG, without power my streak on 750 words would be broken!  Noooo!!!  I kept getting up in the night, checking the clock to see if it was still lit.  I even toyed with the idea of setting the alarm for 1 AM, and if we still had power, of posting.  Just in case.  But I didn’t.  But I THOUGHT of it. That’s how nuts I get when I’m streaking.

Totally unrelated to any of this, I have to mention my new IPad. G got me one for my birthday last month and I am in love with it.  No, really.  I don’t think I have ever loved a piece of technology as much as I love this thing.  I used to love my Kindle, but this thing blows the Kindle out of the water.  Today I installed the Huffington Post app and just the thought of it, sitting there, waiting for some time to open up so I can go there and read, gives me chills.  How I manage to get anything done in my day, I don’t know, but the fact that I do should be duly noted and appreciated by all who depend on me. (Hear that, Boomer?)  If any of you reading this have any suggestions for must-have apps, I’m all ears!  So far I have Penultimate, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Pages, Friendly, The NY Times, USAToday, Photoshop Express, Epicurious, Kindle for IPad, AP Mobile, Netflix, Instapaper, The Daily, and Huff Post.

What else do I need?

Okay, off to play with Yoganand!  Boo-yah.

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