I’ve Moved! (temporarily)

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Just for the month of April, I am moving all my blogging activity over to Virtual Yogarians. http://virtualyogarians.wordpress.com

My yoga studio, Main Street Yoga, is running a 30 day Yoga Challenge, and I am teaching 3 times a day. 70 people have signed up.  It is the 4th year in a row I have done this and I love it, but it requires impeccable energy management skills.  I need to eat, sleep and get my own fundamentals taken care of every day in order to operate at the peak levels this amount of teaching requires.

Virtual Yogarians is a multi-user blog I set up last year for people who want to do the challenge but for whatever reason (geography, time committments) cannot make it to the studio.  It’s an accountability tool that allows them to check in each day, say what they did, and read about the practices of others.

You’re welcome to join, or just lurk there for the month.

I’ll be back here in May.  Happy Spring!



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