I’m Back

Wow. That was intense.

The April Yoga Challenge wrapped up on the 30th of last month, and here I am, still a little woozey, 2 weeks later.

(I still fully intend to do a proper wrap-up post about the “30 Days of Amazing” on Virtual Yogarians, but I really miss being here on IL (Inspiration Location) talking about other stuff).

So, in honor of a whole new season, I changed themes (again) and am now ready to blog down-and-dirty through the summer in this funky new format.

I have the house to myself for the next few days.  Whenever this happens I take it as an opportunity to do weird things. I consider fasting, or going vegan, or sitting on the couch all day reading till my eyes bleed.

I consider massive house cleaning events, gardening projects, or all-day meditations.

Today I found myself faced with so many possibilities, that I was totally stymied.  I couldn’t do anything.  So I ate a bagel.  Then some ice cream.  Then I started my semi-annual clothes exchange because, Shiva-be-praised, the weather has FINALLY turned warm enough for me to consider wearing capris, at least.  About. Damned. Time.

(Wait. Was that a complaint?  Sheesh! Switch the bracelet.)

When I went down to retrieve my summer things, I was so proud of myself. Last year I went on a MASSIVE PURGE, so my “summer things” consisted of one (count ’em) space bag.  Go. fricken. me.

I took out one of my fave organization and anti-clutter books: Unclutter Your Life in One Week just to get some inspiration, and even she says: TACKLE YOUR CLOSET FIRST.

So I did all my laundry, then emptied my drawers and purged 2 Hefty Bags worth of stuff, and could have probably culled even more, but I lost heart after hour 2.  Tomorrow I will will revisit my “saves” and see if I can cut them down even more before moving on to the closet.

The question I always ask myself is: If you were moving, would you take this? Or: If you lost this in a fire, would you replace it? There is a lot of good stuff going to Goodwill this week, let me tell you.

After I finish with my clothes, I will tackle my books and files.  Oy.  I think I will never be totally happy until I am down to some real-world equivalent of One Robe, One Bowl.

neti, neti.

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