A Template For Telling Someone You Want a Yoga Gift Certificate for Xmas

Dear (insert name of friend here),
In case you are considering getting me a gift for Christmas, I wanted to give you a few ideas of what I would really love this year, just to make it easier on you.

First, I would love a shiny red Ferrari (you can insert the name of your favorite vehicle here.) That would be so totally awesome and I would love you forever if a tiny box with keys to this vehicle showed up under my tree.
My yoga teacher always says that material things don’t really make us happy, though. She says happiness comes from “within.” When I go to yoga, she takes me “within” and you know what? She’s right. I always come away from class feeling grateful for all the blessings in my life, and especially for you. I always feel and calm and centered and stress-free, too.

My yoga teacher says that my yoga practice is an act of generosity because when I attend to my own needs, then I have more to give to others. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Maybe you’ve even noticed how I’ve gotten a little calmer since I’ve started practicing yoga. (Or maybe not.)
Anyway, I was thinking. If you can’t swing the (Ferrari) for me this year, that maybe you’d like to support my yoga practice. My teacher is selling Gift Certificates for yoga classes this year. If you contact her at mainstreetyoga@gmail.com she would be happy to arrange for you to send me one so I can keep practicing and become even more calm and centered and happy.

I would love that.

Maybe even more than the Ferrari.

Just thought I’d give you some hints for Christmas, in case you wanted to give me something I’d really love. And even if you weren’t planning on getting me anything, know that at the end of my yoga class, I always feel grateful for you in my life.



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