The Water Habit

52 ounces of water

You see that water? You know how much water is in that carafe? There’s 52 ounces in that puppy.

Know how I know? Cause I measured it. I did the calculation and that’s how much water I need to drink every day.  (your weight in pounds, divided by 2, equals your minimum required ounces a day._

You know how much water I actually drink every day? A cup. Maybe.

I don’t like water. It makes me pee. I hate to pee. But I know that if I force myself to drink this 52 ounce carafe of water every day, and I PERSIST with it, the chronic peeing eventually stops and I do feel a lot better.

I go through these “water jags” where I am all over this water-drinking shit: squeezing fresh lemon juice into it and everything, and then for some inexplicable reason, I just stop. Because it’s not a habit, so I revert back into camel- in-the-desert-mode.

Today I came across this website called 21 Habits. It has a paid version and a free version and it works like this:

You sign up and state the habit you want to cultivate for the next 21 days. If you use the free version, you just log in every day and fess up. Did you do it? Or not?  If you want to do the “commited” version, you pay $21 dollars, and if you do what you pledged you’d do, you keep your money. Every day you “miss” they subtract one dollar from your account and give it to charity.

Pretty cool, no?  Yeah, I thought so. So I joined today. I am going to see if I can choke down those 52 ounces every day.

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